Tonsillitis seems to be doing the rounds again in the schools at the moment. I want to share a story with you on how homeopathy cured my son’s reoccurring tonsillitis.

My son was about 8 or 9 years old at the time and over the years every time he got a cold it went straight to his throat and 9/10 he got tonsillitis and we would be offer to the doctors to get more antibiotics. This led us down the road of constant reoccurring tonsillitis every couple of months. His school attendance record was getting worse and worse. Until one day, I was talking to a mum in the school playground who told me about homeopathy (this is why I went on to train to be a homeopath) and how it had stopped her daughter’s tonsillitis in its tracks.


So off we went to see the homeopath she asked lots of questions around my son’s general health and then went on to ask specifics about his tonsillitis such as was the soreness of the throat on the left or the right side or was it both, did he have a stomach ache or vomit.

After we answered all of the questions she tailor made a homeopathic remedy to the symptoms of my son’s tonsillitis she prescribed a combination of homeopathic remedies which were Baryta Carbonica, Mercurius Solubilis and Hepar Sulphuris (which is a homeopathic antibiotic). Like many mum’s I was really scared about reverting to homeopathy and not antibiotics, so I still took my son to the doctor who gave me more antibiotics but also told me that if my son got tonsillitis again he would have to have the tonsils removed. So we left the doctor’s surgery with my son in tears and me thinking there is no way his having them removed. Removed tonsils can lead to more serious problems as the tonsils are one of the first call of defence in the body and so without them infection can travel deeper within and can cause asthma, lung and chest infections.

th-4We came home and I administered the homeopathy every 30 minutes for two hours and we saw a marked improvement. I then carried on given him the remedies 3-4 times a day and slowly he got better, the fever disappeared and he was back to eating and drinking again although still with a slight sore throat. I continued with the homeopathy for five days and my son made a full recovery without antibiotics. I was told by my homeopathy that although antibiotics have there place and are needed at times – she felt that antibiotics pushed the infection deeper into the body and that the immune system is compromised by the antibiotics weakening it each time I administered them to my son. Hence the reoccurring tonsillitis and why so many children are having their tonsils taken out when its not always necessary. On the evidence of my son I have to agree with her.

I must admit I had the antibiotics on standby just in case the homeopathy didn’t work but I was so glad I didn’t have to use them. I did get a call from the school also asking why my son was not back at school after a couple of days of antibiotics. They were not best pleased when I told them I was treating him with homeopathy and not antibiotics. He was off school for five days but it was worth it because since then he has not had tonsillitis again. Yes he gets a mild sore throat when he gets a cold which is not very often as I strengthen his immune system with homeopathy, but that is it and we have the remedies on standby for as soon as it gets sore. He has not looked back and his attendance at school is 100% or just under since then.

th-5Each case will be different as everyone’s tonsillitis can create different symptoms such as sore on the left side of the throat and not the right, or aching all over or feeling sick. Not everyone gets all of the symptoms. Therefore, homeopathy is tailored to your specific tonsillitis symptoms unlike antibiotics, which are prescribed for all forms of tonsillitis which is why sometimes they don’t work and you have to go back for another course of antibiotics!

So if you have children or family members suffering with tonsillitis and reoccurring tonsillitis, please share this blog with them because it is possible to cure tonsillitis with homeopathy (even with antibiotics on standby) enabling them to lead a healthier life being treated with a natural form of medicine which is not going to lower their immune system further, is not toxic, is not addictive and can be taken more than 3 – 4 times a day if needed without any side effects or the fear of overdosing. It also doesn’t taste nasty like antibiotics so children will take homeopathy without a fight because believe me I have been there with the syringe trying to administer foul tasting antibiotics to my children in the past. By choosing homeopathy instead you are also giving yourself less chance of becoming resistant to antibiotics when you may need them for a life threating disease/infection.

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Best wishes

Michelle Wilkinson
Registered Homeopath MARH