I felt compelled to write about this amazing shape in the sacred geometry system.  

Not only does it look beautiful it has a deep spiritual meaning that goes back to ancient Egyptian times.  It is believed that the pyramids of Egypt were used as graves for the Kings and Queens of Egypt.  I hope one day that I will be able to visit and experience the healing energy of this special sacred place.

After researching the pyramid and their history of them it is also believed that the pyramids were used as healing chambers with great power and that in fact these were not used as graves for royalty.  I am not sure about this so cannot comment and I can’t seem to find anything conclusive, so maybe this is the information we are not yet privy to. 

Pyramids are looked upon as sacred in many cultures and this can been seen by the usage in church with a pyramid steeple. Pyramids are also used as symbols in some healing modalities and ceremonies around the world especially in Asia and South America.  Lets face it the Native Americans back in the day slept in tipis.

This shape is a powerful channel connecting into the higher energy of the moon, stars and angelic realm bringing it down to earth and anchoring in the energy to Mother Earth.  The pyramid’s solid flat surface offers anearth connection and a strong foundation, whereas the pointed top gives us the opportunity to reach into the higher realms of consciousness.  

The energy that is brought to the pyramid from above and below gives it the ability to cleanse and purify.  So I look at it as a filter for my cards and crystals etc.  Pyramids are said to generate negative ions, which can balance and restore the body’s electromagnetic field and bring healing properties.

It is believed that by sitting inside a pyramid enables your chakras (energy centres) to balance.  When your chakras are balanced you are able to release stress from the body bringing relaxation, your messages from spirit will be clearer and your intuition will be stronger.  If you get the opportunity to meditate in a pyramid it will enhance the meditation benefits and reduce stress further.

I use the pyramid to cleanse and clear my crystals before I set intentions for them.  Pyramids are also powerful conductors absorbing harmful EMF’s and other frequencies around us in this modern world that is damaging and harmful to the body.

Different geometrical shapes have the ability to change the energy flow around them.  So drawing in energy for positivity and dispelling energy when it is not needed in a protective way.

So by placing a pyramid in your home your expelling harmful energy, grounding in new energy, cleansing, and purifying what is around it. They are a powerful tool in healing sessions and I often place them on the solar plexus to clear and purify the most powerful energy centre of the body.  Rebalancing the energy centre where our intuition lies. This is also where we receive energy and give energy away.

I would love to hear about how you use Pyramids in your life and if you don’t I hope I have inspired you to purchase one and to work with it benefiting from its properties in your home and in self healing.

Many blessings and much happiness