Dear Lovely Archangel Metatron Tribe,

Today, I am going to share with you how the sacral chakra works with you on a physical and emotional level and how you can recognise when your sacral chakra is out of balance and what you can do to rectify this bringing it back into alignment enabling the body and mind to self heal.

The Sacral chakra centre is one of the main centres that keep our physical body and our wellbeing healthy.  It helps to focus our vital force into making a strong and viable immune system to help us fight off infection and disease.  It also controls our emotions and is ruled by the element of water.  So when we don’t share our feelings with others we retain water in the body.  This creates bloating and puffiness.

It is also the main centre for relationships not only with others but ourselves.  So the emotion ‘am I good enough’? would sit in this centre.  It governs our sexual maturity and controls our appetites for food, sex and pleasure. It is our connection centre with our parents, lovers, siblings and our children.  So like the base chakra it is another big energy centre.  Money and Careers will also be part of this chakra as the they do overlap so although this is part of the base money and career will affect the sacral chakra too.

This centre for me was affected when my dad passed away.  We had a very close relationship and obviously when he passed over my connection with him as my parent changed forever.  This may seem obvious as of course he was no longer physically here but all of the support, love, and affection I had from him was gone overnight and this affects us greatly if it is not replaced elsewhere.  Of course, we are responsible for our own happiness and all the love we need is within but for me, I lost my protector.  He would always stick up for me when others did not see the real Michelle.  I guess in a way when I look back now he probably stuck up for me and protected me a little too much because now I am having to do this myself and it doesn’t come naturally but is a big lesson that I can do it without him.  That I am a strong, independent woman who can survive alone when she needs to.  That I am in control of my destiny and I am good enough.

To keep this centre balanced and healthy it needs to thrive on nutritious food, plenty of rest, fun, work and exercise.  So as you can see it is not always an easy one to keep in balance.

Relationships are a biggie for us all and with most of us working women these days it is even harder to balance, kids, husband, businesses/career and home life and that is not even thinking about fun and exercise.  As working mums and dads, it is hard to keep all the sacral balls juggling and it is quite normal to drop a few balls.  Whatever happens the mantra for the Sacral Chakra is I AM GOOD ENOUGH.

Physical Symptoms of an Imbalance within the Sacral Chakra

Sexual/reproductive disorders, bladder and ailments connected to the urinary system, aliments in the pelvic area and lower back pain, sciatica, period problems, fibroids, endometriosis, cystitis, prostate problems, lower digestive cramps, IBS, weight gain around the middle.  All of these physical symptoms will have an emotional connection so if there is a physical symptom you are experiencing have a look at your emotions as this, in turn, will be creating this physical ailment or disease.

Emotional and Mental Symptoms of an Imbalance within the sacral chakra.
Emotional signs your sacral is out of balance are emotional overreactions to situations, excessive neediness in relationships, co-dependency, fear of happiness or pleasure, self-sabotage, low libido, depression and pessimism.  This centre is easily unbalanced and blocked as every harsh word, anger, argument, grief, and heartbreak affects this chakra so it’s important to keep this balanced using healing therapies, crystals, homoeopathy and essential oils.

Keynotes – Courage,  vitality, sexuality, confidence, action.

Element  Water.

Water is a great element and goes beautifully with the Sacral Chakra as the sacral is about creativity and going with the flow in all areas of our life.  Therefore, not taking life too seriously and just stay in the present moment.  I can hear you groan here but if you can’t do the present moment just do the present day – so just focus on today and what needs to be done and then in time you will be able to do the present moment of each day.  To help to stay in the flow use the plum Metatron Spray to cleanse and clear the Sacral centre and then visualise the colour of the ocean so a turquoise green in colour and let that colour enter your sacral chakra and just let it wash away all the stuck energy.   In the Archangel Metatron range the colour for the sacral is Plum but the rainbow colour for the sacral chakra is Orange.

The colour Plum

The colour Plum is made up of the calming energy of blue and the strong fire energy of red.  So for me, the plum energy is a mixture of the two and brings a calm but determined energy.  It brings with it power, creativity, wisdom, peace, independence and magic.  Plum or purple is often associated with royalty, luxury, ambition and power and I would also love to add warmth and love into the mix.  So as you can see the plum energy fits beautifully with the sacral chakra.

Crystals to help balance the Sacral Chakra


Carnelian activates the first, second and third chakras.  It helps to build confidence, courage, passion and power.  It gives the courage to take action.  Carnelian is an excellent support for detoxifying from alcohol or drugs and breaking negative or hurtful physical habits.  Helps to improve overall health.   It is especially useful in balancing and healing the testes and ovaries.  It helps people to overcome the fear of taking action or fear of doing the wrong thing.  It helps people to embrace change and transformation in one’s life

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye stimulates the physical well being so keep it close to hand.  It is also a crystal of abundance and prosperity, bringing good luck and fortune.  It also supports us with negotiations and decisions in business.  It releases fear and anxiety and helps us to make decisions in all aspects of our lives.

Affirmations for the Sacral Chakra

I love my life

I honour my body and treat myself with respect

I trust my feelings and allow them to be expressed

I love who I am exactly as I am

Essential oils for the sacral chakra

Orange, Frankincense and Palmarosa.


Is a great oil for insomnia, as an antidepressant, antispasmodic and is a mild sedative. A good oil to use with anyone with constipation as it works on the action of the intestines.


Frankincense is particularly active with regard to the lungs and is one of the best oils for respiratory infections, it calms coughs and is particularly beneficial for chronic bronchitis, massaged in oil over the abdomen it helps with heavy periods.  Frankincense has a calming effect on the emotions.


It has antiseptic properties which are useful for treating acne and mild skin infections and some cases of dermatitis, Palmarose works well on intestinal infections such as gastroenteritis.  It is good oil for a sluggish digestion and an excellent oil for loss of appetite.  A useful oil to fight fevers and infectious diseases.

Hope his blog helps you to see how the sacral chakra supports you and how it overlaps with the Base Chakra too.  There are lots of tools to help keep this flowing and healthy. My next blog will be addressing the properties of the Solar Plexus.

Much love and healing

Michelle xx