Hello, to my lovely Archangel Metatron Tribe,

As you know I work with the chakra system of the body with my different complementary therapies, but not many people know what the chakra system of the body is or how it supports us.  I want to share my knowledge of this amazing energy system so that you understand how I work when you attend your healing sessions with me.  This will also help you to understand how you can personally support yourself by connecting into this energy and being aware of what needs to be rebalanced in between sessions with me.

Ok, so what is a chakra and how does it make up a system? How do they help us?

The chakras are the key to our physical health, emotional stability, and mental clarity.  They act like a conductor which filters energy from mother earth and the spiritual realm so they can combine.  The joining of these energy fields forms a chakra.  Chakras are a vortex of moving energy, which goes on to stimulate various endocrine organs in the body to secrete hormones into the circulatory system (the blood).  Chakras are ductless glands because their secretions go directly into the bloodstream. Hormones control our body and they also affect our state of mind.

I describe the chakras as a filter system. They help us by purifying the energy which surrounds us on a daily basis (this is referred to as the large physical plane) which connects us with survival and our basic animal survival instincts.  The chakras help to turn this energy into a spiritual plane (often referred to as the celestial plane or heaven) that connects us with the force of life.  When we begin the journey of connection to our chakra system we open up the opportunity to bring healing, psychological development and spiritual growth to ourselves.

As we connect and progress through each chakra, we start to learn about who we truly are and the ideas and attitudes that form the lives we live.

By connecting with these energy centres we don’t just heal our body but also our mind and we learn to love and accept ourselves as we are in the present moment.  We honour our uniqueness and learn to forgive ourselves when we get it wrong.

This form of healing is ancient.  It was referred to in the Vedic records and many other cultures whom embraced and understood this form of energy.
The human energy system is made up of seven layers of energy bodies which in turn make up our aura.  The chakras are found in the first layer of subtle energy and govern our physical, emotional and mental states.

The health of our chakras is upheld by living a grounded and loving lifestyle, sharing positive and loving thoughts towards ourselves and the world around us.

The word chakra comes from the ancient Sanskrit and means “the wheel of life” Human beings currently have seven major chakras and 21 minor chakras, and all the acupuncture points also act as chakras.  So you can see how important it is to keep them cleansed and spinning.

Each chakra is connected to an element.  It also resonates with a colour and a musical note and a symbol.  They are also connected to crystals, gemstones, homeopathic remedies, flower essences and even plants.

Over the next few weeks, we will explore each chakra and I will share their characteristics and how you can help to keep your chakras in balance and to know when they are out of balance and need some clearing and connection to restore and stimulate them once more.

The base chakra or the root chakra as it is often referred to is the foundation for all the other chakras in the energy body, so if this is out of balance it is quite possibly many of the others are too.  When these energy centres become blocked they are unable to spin as fast or at all and this is when ailments and disease enter the body and mind.  Each chakra also overlaps so if you have a blockage in one chakra it will affect the chakra above it or below it.

When your chakras are balanced you are able to think with clarity, make decisions easily because you are ground and connected with mother earth and spirit. You will find ailments improve and you will feel connected with spirit and the world around you.  You will find love peace and calm because you are connected above and below.

Until my next blog on the Base Chakra, I want you to think about how safe you feel.  Are you afraid of something? Are you stuck in a mindset of lack?  Are you suffering from painful joints or digestive issues?  Do you lack courage? Are you resilient?  Are you feeling depressed?  These are all base chakra issues and I want you to focus on your base chakra and see if you can relate to its energy and where your energy may be stuck.

Until next time, meditate and connect with your base chakras and see what comes up for you physically and emotionally.  Journal these findings so over the coming weeks you can see which of your chakras are in need of work.

Blessing to you all.

Love and light


Michelle x