Dear lovely Archangel Metatron tribe,

Today I am going to share with you how the base chakra works with you on a physical and emotional level and how you can recognise when your base chakra is out of balance and what you can do to rectify this bringing it back into alignment enabling the body and mind to self heal.

The base chakra is in my opinion one of the most important chakras.  It is the foundation for all the others and I see it as the foundations of a house.  If this is not strong and grounded everything else is going to be wobbly.

The base chakra is also referred to as the Root Chakra or the 1st Chakra of the body.  This chakra connects us to our physical being and is found at the base of the spine.  This is one of the chakras which keep us grounded.  It is very important to keep grounded for all the other chakras of the energy body to be spinning and at the correct rate to keep them all in balance.

The base chakra governs our relationships with money, our career and how safe we feel in the word and around other people.

From time to time traumas and upset will bring our chakras out of balance and it is wise to have them checked and rebalanced via an energy healer but over time you will know when your base chakra is out of balance and you will be able to do some visualisation techniques to redress this.  If this doesn’t happen then it would be advised that you seek a qualified energy healer to help bring them back into alignment.  Regular visits will ensure your energy body is kept in top tip condition.  This is likened to eating and drinking healthily and getting enough rest.

I can remember when my dad passed away and even before his passing my base chakra was totally shot.  My back was killing me, I felt afraid, I wasn’t able to work as much as I was helping to look after him so I went into fear of lack even though I had a roof over my head, food on the table and money in the bank I still went into fear mode.  I couldn’t sleep because I was worried about him and my family.  Once he had passed, my base chakra didn’t improve for some time because then I was grieving, trying to support my mum with her grief, she also went into fear and lack because she was worried if she was going to have to sell her house because she was afraid she wasn’t going to be able to pay the bills.  So can you see how your base chakra can be knocked out of balance by life’s processes?  When you are in that state it is difficult to appreciate what chakra is out of balance because you are in the energy of the negative state of the chakra that is affected.  I started to lose interest in life itself, and for many years as it approached Christmas I could feel myself go into a downward spiral and this was because I was reliving losing my dad and that would knock my base chakra out of balance.  So it is important to notice this signs and symptoms as it is your body talking to you and giving you messages to look after yourself and your energy system.

There are several ways you can help to keep your base chakra healthy and in tune with the help of colour, crystals, sound and essential oils.

Like I said over time you will know when your chakras are out of balance.  For me I know when my base is out of alignment, I get a lower backache, I am worried about something that I cant get out of my mind, I worry about not having enough of something mainly money.  I start to not pay attention to the world around me and go slightly inward.  Once you are aware of these you can start to put things in place to strengthen your base chakra again.  One method I use a lot is Aura Sprays.  I have two I reach for one is the Archangel Metatron Spray Base Crimson Spray and the other is the Zephorium Ruby Spray and this spray has an affirmation which says “I am a strong and powerful creator, I am safe and loved”. I also reach for grounding base crystals such as bloodstone, hematite and ruby but my favourite is Fire Agate.  This crystal is in my pocket most days.  I eat root vegetables to help ground me.  I increase my water intake to ensure I am hydrated.

Below I have listed some physical and emotional symptoms and ailments that will help you to identify if your base is in need of some attention as we all have different signs and signals.

Physical Symptoms of an Imbalance within the base chakra. 

The base is about passion not just sexual passion but passion for life and what it brings.  It is your centre for motivation, drive, action and energy.  Determination, love, strength, health and abundance.  Weight loss/gain, over or underactive sex drive, poor immune system, anaemia, IBS/Constipation and digestive issues/ailments, varicose veins in the legs, circulatory problems found in the legs, so this maybe tingling in the legs and sometimes in the arms. Skeletal problems so lower back pain, sciatica, knee problems, arthritis, rheumatism, prostate problems, vaginal problems.  The Crimson Metatron spray helps with this and it helps people to be at peace with their physical body.  Stops you hiding or being ashamed of your body.

Emotional and Mental Symptoms of an Imbalance within the base chakra

Lack of focus, anxious, restless, fearful, depression, abandonment, anxiety, not feeling safe, feeling constantly tired, little boundaries, and lack of money in your life.  A general feeling of lack in your life. Controlling of others. Very materialistic.  Anger, rage, resentment, lust, greed, anger, victimhood, domination, aggression, ruthlessness, sacrifice.  A feeling of disconnection and floatiness/lightheaded.  A feeling of unstable, unsure and ungrounded.  A sense of not wanting to be here.  Divorce and adoption can cause the base chakra to be out of balance.

All addictions are associated with the base chakra.

Element: Earth.  Of course, the base is connected to the earth.  Mother Earth is here to hold us and nurture us and keep us safe at all times.  The Archangel Metatron Earth Elemental Spray or even Archangel Sandlephon Spray helps us to stay connected and grounded to the earth. Hence helping us to feel safe, loved and connected.  Another method of ground I use is to take your shoes and socks off and stand on mother earth and visualise roots are coming out of your feet into the earth you are standing on and then pulling up a beautiful pinky orange or even bronze colour up through your roots up into your toes feet and up through your body to the top of your head.  To balance out this energy I then connect up to spirit and visualise white light coming down from source from the heavens down into the top of my head throughout my body down into mother earth via my roots.  I do this three times.

The colour Red

Red is the colour of life force in general.  So if you have an important presentation you are having to give in front of a lot of people wear red.  It will give you courage and expand your energy field so you are more likely to impress people.  It is a great colour to wear if you are being bullied either at school or work as red helps us to stand up to people and intimidate the bullies back so standing up for yourself in difficult situations.  If you are feeling fearful about something again red is the colour to have around you it will give you the courage to face the fear and do what you need to do to succeed or grow. Red is also a good colour to wear when we need a bit more energy due to not having slept well or even partying into the night when we should have taken an early bath and gone home to bed!

Too much red will see us become reckless, selfish and becoming extremely angry and aggressive.

Too little red will see us become listless, out of touch with the real world and disinterested.  We will have lost touch with our base and become disconnected with Mother Earth.

Below share with you some big pointers for if your base is in need of attention.

  • You are suffering insecurities, lack of self-esteem and anxieties
  • Lack of safety, unsure and unstable
  • Suffering from depression and anxiety
  • Have lost interest in the world and your life
  • Feel tired and drained and have a general lack of energy

If you dislike the colour red, it may mean you are subconsciously blocking abundance, in one or many of its forms such as money, relationships, security and health.

Affirmations for the Base Chakra

“I am a divine being of light, and I am peaceful, protected and secure”

“The Earth supports me”.  I am a strong and powerful creator, I am safe and loved.  “I have everything I need, I am supported by the universe.

Crystals to help balance the Base Chakra

Fire Agate

Fire Agate has a deep connection to the earth and its energy is calming, bringing security and safety.  With strong grounding and protective powers, it supports you during difficult times.  Fire Agate builds a protective shield around the body.  This crystal links into the element of fire.  It fires up the base chakra.  Fire Agate dispels fear and instils deep security.

Fire Agate is a great crystal to have in your toolbox of healing as it heals the stomach, the nervous and endocrine system and circulatory disorders.  It helps with night vision, helps to reduce hot flushes removing heat from the body.

Fire Agate can be worn for long periods, or placed on the head or body as appropriate.

Further crystals to help balance the base chakra

Jet, red jasper, smoky quartz and obsidian.

Essential oils contained in the Base Crimson Metatron Spray – Cedarwood, Cypress, Patchouli and ginger.

Essential oils are another tool I use a lot when I know my base is out of balance or those around need some base chakra support.  I tend to burn the essences in an oil burner so those in the room are breathing in this powerful supportive energy to help bring balance to them, helping them to feel safe and loved and in turn realigning their base chakra.

I hope you find this information of use and it helps you to focus on cleansing and clearing your base chakra.

Next week we will be looking at the sacral chakra.  Until then I look forward to hearing your thoughts via my facebook page

Much love

Michelle x