Reflexology is a treatment that stimulates pressure points on the feet to balance and soothe the body and mind.

The feet and hands are mini maps of the body’s anatomy and these are  made up of a series of points along lines of energy throughout the body. By stimulating these points with pressure a response in the relevant body part maybe achieved bringing a sense of re-balance, helping to release tension and stress from the mind and body and promoting total wellbeing and deep relaxation.

I have used Reflexology when I was pregnant for morning sickness, for relaxation, sleep disturbances and swelling of my hands and feet and found it helped me to cope with some of my pregnancy aliments.    I also found my treatments deeply relaxing.

I have also given reflexology treatments to my daughter who has suffered with constipation in the past and this has helped with the issue.  My mother was also suffering with sleep disturbances and found that reflexology helped her to relax and after her treatments she always saw an improvement in her sleep patterns.

Children and Reflexology

As a mum, I have used reflexology to help with many of my children’s aliments from constipation, colds. coughs/chest infections, tonsillitis, ear infections, to exam nerves and sleep disturbances.  Its such a naturally relaxing treatment my children love lying on my therapy couch for a treatment before bed bringing them back into balance for a restful nights sleep.

Adult Reflexology Initial consultation £45.00
Follow up sessions £35.00

Infant’s Reflexology (under 7) £25.00

Children’s Reflexology £30.00