Pure Energy Healing

What is Pure Energy Healing?

Pure Energy Healing changes lives, it can facilitate a client to let go of feelings of sadness, grief, overwhelm, and regret and replaces them with a sense of peace, relief, and happiness.

Pure Energy Healing can heal emotional stress and trauma by allowing the client to let go of the cords and chains that bind them by unblocking and releasing the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual pain of the past bringing them the freedom to create a better present and future.

A Pure Energy Healer holds space and gives the appropriate time for clients to take time out for themself, to relax, to breathe, and receive clarity and messages leaving them with a knowing of their next steps on the path to wholeness.

Clients who have experienced Pure Energy Healing describe the gentle but strong energy as deeply relaxing and calming.  They often state that they feel like they were in a deep sleep, deeper than they have ever experienced.  They describe the energy as a positive warm flow that moves through the body like a stream, disconnecting them from anything negative held within the chakra system, the organs right down to the cells of the body.  It has been described as an electrical positive charge that resets the client on all levels.

Each client leaves the couch after a Pure Energy Healing Session with a higher state of awareness, clarity of their next steps, and a sense of well-being and happiness

Pure Energy Healing is completely safe and non-invasive. It can be carried out without touching the body. The healer uses their hands to channel the universe’s natural healing vibration to the client so they can rejuvenate and regenerate themselves. 


A What My Clients Are Saying

This is the second distant “Pure Energy” distant healing session that I’ve experienced with Michelle and oh my goodness both of them are so powerful and healing. Immediately when I asked to receive the energy I felt this beautiful warmth come into my crown and third eye and chakra points, particularly the heart, and I felt the heart open and expand and I just wanted to embrace it it felt so lovely.
I have had problems with my spine and lower parts of the body and I could feel the energy working in those areas. I also felt myself releasing and letting go. I saw colours throughout the session ending with a beautiful gold light.
I feel so relaxed and balanced!
Thank you so much Michelle for this very profound healing session.
C. Smith


Michelle is an amazing healer, so I knew the Pure Energy Healing I received from her would be wonderful.
Michelle instructed me to receive the healing when I was ready to do so and to ask for the healing from Michelle West. I laid down on my bed, allowing for an hour so that I would have plenty of time to receive the healing while being receptive and relaxed. This was on the afternoon of 29th June 2023.
The healing felt light and very pure. I fell into a light sleep, feeling held and taken care of. I didn’t know what else to expect during the healing, so I remained open to what would come through, during, and after. I also knew and felt that beings of Light were around me.
The following day, I received some insights and the only one I recall is of being shown myself as a child, between 4 and 6 years old, sitting alone in my bedroom, reading a book, or doing some colouring. The sun was bright and I see myself being enveloped in pure, heavenly light. I don’t recall this, and I’m sure I wasn’t aware of it at the time. However, I was shown my mother stomping upstairs and seeing this happening, and not knowing what to do about it except to react by being angry, as was/is her way.
I wasn’t shown anything else regarding this event, except that I was given the impression of my mother’s ‘jealousy’ and reminded of a message I received many years ago, and that was how I was treated at home and its effects on me went further than envisaged from the viewpoint of my pre-life agreements. I know I have received high vibrational, pure healing and I may receive further insights in the coming days.
The cards Michelle pulled for me were what I needed to receive, too, especially the card for mental peace.
I highly recommend receiving healing from Michelle, because you will receive what you need from Spirit, through the channel of a highly experienced healing practitioner, who provides wisdom, knowledge, discretion, confidentiality, and professionalism.


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