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platonic solids coasters healing near me

Welcome to the Platonic Solid’s a Sacred Geometry Shape that holds positive energy that has an effect on us all. Each Platonic Solid will have a different way of supporting you on your spiritual path but they all have one thing in common – they are the most stable and balanced shape formed in the Universe. Therefore they are most likely to balance the energies within you and the environment. They are very connected to the Elementals, Chakra System, Fairies and Dragons.

Each Platonic is connected and vibrates alongside an elemental and in turn, each elemental resonates with a chakra in the energy system of your body.

How To Use Your Coasters

Each coaster has been designed with Japanese researcher and healer, Dr. Masaru Emoto work with water and energy in mind. Dr Emoto’s experiments showed that Words have been found to affect water crystals.  Dr. Masaru Emoto, conducted experiments on water molecules. These experiments showed human thoughts and intentions can physically alter the molecular structure of water. By drinking this imprinted water it can affect your mind and body. 18 Jan 2018

This was my thought behind creating the coasters and so ideally they are to be used by placing a water bottle or jug of water on them allowing the water to be fused with the vibration of crystals, colour, Angelic energy, affirmations/intentions, and the energy of each Archangel. Then you drink the water to ripe the healing vibrations.

The coasters can also be placed on the body for self-healing or in a healing session.

The Platonic, the Element and the Chakra.

Hexahedron/Cube Platonic Solid- Grounding

The Platonic Solid Shape the Hexahedron also known as the Cube is the most stable shape of all the Platonic Solids with long strong roots reaching down to grow within the Earth. The Hexahedron is connected to the Base Chakra also referred to as the Root or the Muladhara Chakra and represents support, strength, stability, self-control, and grounding. The Hexahedron is connected to the Earth Elemental.  Connecting you deep within the core of Mother Earth and Male energies and the Crystalline Grid.  The Cube will help to remove stress and tension in the physical body. This platonic solid is the foundation for all the others. A building block of life.

Infused on Metatron’s Cube, with the crystal Clear Quartz and the homeopathic remedy Hornbeam 30c.

There is much to say about all of the homeopathic remedies but I am going to talk here about the aspect of each remedy that I have been asked to use via channelling  in connection with each coaster. You may not resonate with everything that is said and that is ok. Your body and mind will only absorb what it needs.

Homeopathic Remedy Hornbeam 30c.

This remedy awakes the Base chakra with the higher chakras and brings it to the heart chakra.  The dark meets the light with this remedy, for it is one of great power and truthfulness.  The power of the light in this remedy will push back the darkness. It brings a powerful release into something new and different.  Brings great peace, serenity, and security in the midst of great power.  Provides greater strength and provides a shield of protection, roots securely on the earth plane. Hornbeam brings you courage and confidence. Helps with tiredness, lethargy, a feeling of everything is too much.  Has a profound effect on immunity supporting extreme low immunity such as ME, AIDS, and HIV. Brings people more firmly into the present moment. Brings optimism for the future.  Links with Fairies and elemental spirits.


platonic solids sacred geometry healing near me
platonic solids sacred geometry healing near me

Icosahedron Platonic Solid – New Consciousness

The Iscohedron Platonic Solid is bringing transformation, emotion, awareness, consciousness and overall Well-being connecting us into our beginning of New Consiousness supporting the release of old patterns and behaviours bringing them to the light and higher knowledge. The Icosahedron is connected to the Sacral Chakra providing a connection to Creativity, a high awareness allowing positive changes to flow through you effortlessly. The Element connected with the Iscohedron is Water.  Providing flow in your life, bringing suppressed emotions to the surface to be felt and released and reminding you to not to take life so seriously but to let it flow and have some fun.  This Platonic witll help you to understand your emotions that arise helping you to see clearly why they have surfaced and how to react to them, bringing balance and harmony to your world.

Homeopathic Remedy Sea Holly 30c

This remedy awakens the consciousness on many levels.  I t balances out the energies in the emotional body and brings you back into contact with your emotions. For people that are rigid in their thoughts and lack flexibility. They are fixed and cannot move.  Sea Holly helps you to understand and move through negative habit patterns. Relaxes calms the nervous system. Allows peaceful sleep.  It helps people remain calm, focused, centred and peaceful while surrounded by conflict of others which they can do nothing about.  It is a great remedy when you have an important decision to make. Sea Holly is a fantastic remedy for grief, feeling negative and for enormous sadness. Supports fear, anxiety, anticipation in connection with change, the unknown, the future.

Tetrahedron Platonic Solid – Action

The Tetrahedron Platonic Solid is bringing Power, Manifestation and Wisdom.  The Tetrahedron is connected to the Solar Plexus providing a connection to your power centre, releasing procrastination and bringing in Action, life force energy and change to your life. The Element connected with the Tetrahedron is Fire. Providing a guiding light that shines clearly showing you your way ahead.  It will also shine its light on any ideas or situations you may have surfacing, brings courage, ambition, and the knowledge to bring your ideas and projects into being, taking action to finish uncompleted projects and resolving any situations with peace and balance.  This platonic brings deep stability and balance.

Homeopathic Remedy Butterfly 200c

Butterfly helps us to let go of the past so there is space for the new to come in.  Butterfly helps us to think straight so we can take action in the right places.  It releases us from low expectations of ourselves.  Opens us to contacting and connecting to our own inner power.  It expands our potential so we can be who we came here to be. It blows away any fear and terror even if they are hidden and allows you to find the flow. Action then follows. It is a remedy let helps people to let go, to change and be flexible. For when you are feeling lost and unable to take action to move forward.  Helps with a lack of confidence in what we can manifest.

platonic solids sacred geometry healing near me
platonic solids sacred geometry healing near me

Octahedron Platonic Solid – Inner Child

The Octahedron Platonic Solid is bringing Love, Forgiveness, acceptance, Integration and compassion for yourself and those around you. Deepening your connection with your Inner Child asking you to reconnect with the perfect being within you – YOU! Remember to have fun and be playful and not be so serious. The Octahedron is connected to the Heart Chaka providing a connection to your inner child, self-worth, Self-love, healing grief and trauma.  The Octahedron will support you in Raising Your Vibration boosting self-healing processes. The Element connected with the Octahedron is Air – The Air Elemental helps you to see the bigger picture – a bird’s eye view of your whole life past, present future, showing you what may once have been hidden. Let the air of the Air Elemental enter your heart and lungs clearing and healing anything that feels tight, restricted or blocked. Breathe in air, breath out air.

Homeopathic Remedy Frankincense 12c

Frankincense opens up and expands the Heart Chakra.  It helps to heal deep wounds most people have within their Hearts. It puts you back in touch with your heart.  it is a remedy that releases control.  It creates a state of peace and harmony.  A remedy for the inner child releasing the joy of playfulness and a childlike sense of wonder that we lose as we grow older.  It will help you understand your own truth and to come into your own power without ego.  A great remedy for Stress Headaches, stiff neck and tight shoulders,

Dodecahedron Platonic Solid – Divine Thought

The Dodecahedron Platonic Solid is bringing Ascension, wisdom, expression, connecting us to our thoughts and truth.  The Dodecahedron is connected to the Throat Chakra and can also be used with the Third Eye and the Crown Chakra – The higher body chakras. It helps you to connect with higher dimensions and beings.  It provides Integrity, truth, honesty, clarity, wisdom, spiritual connection, spiritual growth. The Element associated with the Dodecahedron is the Cosmos/Universe. Providing a connection that we are all one with the universe. Take a moment to breathe deeply and connect into your oneness within you and experience this feeling of being at one with all. The Dodecahedron not only helps you to raise your own frequency but that of the planet too.

Homeopathic Remedy Orange 18c

Orange brings strength and confidence and a sense of unity, a mind-body connection.  It opens the brow chakra to bring through guidance,  It can bring peace so we can sit stable and strong, silent, so that all our thoughts, feelings and physical powers are concentrated, focussed and linked to the Divine. Orange refines the thinking process, clarifies the thoughts and turns them towards higher things and to matter celestial. It links us to past wisdom through our consciousness of dream states.  Orange helps us to concentrate and focus energies to one point.  Orange is a great protector, bringing with it much understanding of what is correct for an individual on all levels.


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platonic solids sacred geometry healing near me

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