Tissue salts were first invented  more than 100 years ago by Dr Schuessier, a German doctor.  He stated that poor health was caused by the imbalance in the bodies  12 vital tissue cell salts.  Dr Schuessier believed that these imbalances could be corrected by homoeopathically prepared, small doses of each salt.

Dr Schuessler’s Tissue Salts are also called biochemical Salts or cells salts. They are made up of the 12 essential minerals which the body needs to maintain good health and to repair itself.  The salts are homeopathic and are prepared in 6x potencies, making them easy to absorb and gentle on the body.  Therefore they can be used in pregnancy and also for the whole family.  Pets can also use them.

Tissue salts are used as a home treatment for lots of different problems.  The Tissue salts can be taken in combinations or as individual remedies.

Today, I am going to tell you about the first 3 tissue salts you need to take in your first month of pregnancy.  Each of these tissue salts are given in a 6x potency, 3 x daily.  This salts can also support of aliments which are not related to pregnancy.

Ferrum Phosphate (Ferrum Phos) (Iron Phosphate)

Ferrum Phos is the pre-eminent Biochemic First Aid.  It is the oxygen carrier.  It enters into the composition of the haemoglobin , the red colouring matter of the blood.  It helps to prevent and support anaemia by supporting the body to utilise iron more effectively.  Because Ferrum Phos makes iron available to the cells of the body in minute doses, it bypasses the side effects of taking large amounts of iron which can cause constipation.  It is also a tonic to the blood, helping to purify the blood and helping to regulate immune function.  By taking this Tissue Salt regularly you  will see and improvement in your overall health and wellbeing.  Ferrum phos is also good for first stages of an infection and fevers, so sore throats earache, conjunctivitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis etc.   Also take after blood loss.

Magnesium Phosphate (Mag Phos)
This tissue salt is known as the anti-spasmodic tissue salt,  Its main function is in connection with the nervous system.  Mag Phos is quick to relieve pain, especially cramping, shooting, darting, or spasmodic pains .  Therefore it is good for heartburn and for general cramps, muscle spasm and muscle tightness –  e.g. leg cramps, Braxton hicks pains, early labour pains.  It also helps to harden dental enamel.  Mag phos is needed by the brain, muscles and heart for them to relax.  A good remedy for hiccups, belching, muscular twitches.  Dissolve in warm water (not boiling) for faster action.

Calcium Fluoride (Calc Fluor).
Calc Fluor gives to the tissues the quality of elasticity.  It helps prevent stretch marks, varicose veins and piles.  It has a strong affinity with the uterine ligaments and muscles, thereby strengthening them in preparation for labour.  It strengthens the deep muscles of the back, assists in the development of bone, muscle and connective tissue in the baby.  Calc Fluor is useful in helping aliments of the teeth and bones.   Dental problems, sensitive teeth,  and gum problems can not only be due to diet but also a lack of calcium. This tissue salt also helps with cysts, looseness of the teeth, cataract, fissures, chapping and cracking in the skin.

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If you have used Tissue Salts during your pregnancy or for your families health, please comment in the comment box below on how this helped you.