Headaches & Migraines in Pregnancy. –



How Can Homeopathy Help Relieve your Symptoms?

Hello, lovely ladies,

TodayI want to share with you my top homeopathic remedies and flower essences to help treat your headaches and migraines.  These can be used not only in pregnancy (after 8 weeks) but for general tension headaches etc.

When using homeopathy the whole picture of the person is taken not just their physical  symptoms.  Lots of information will be taken to build up a picture of the person as a whole including any emotions you may be feeling, sensations you are experiencing, what makes your symptoms worse and what makes them better. What are you experiencing in your life at this time that could be  adding to your headaches or migraines?

I have, therefore, share lots of information for you on each remedy to help you to decide which is the best fit for you.  This will also show you how I work with my patients in my practice.

These are my top three remedies for headaches in pregnancy.  You may not have all of the symptoms detailed but you should have more than 1 or 2.


* Face is red hot

* Pupils are dilated and the eyes have a shiny appearance.

* The headache comes on suddenly is violent and intense.

* The headache is worse on the right side.

* You are thirstless during a headache

* Pain in the back of the head, eye, forehead, and temples.

You can see this is a great remedy as it covers a lot of the common areas of the head which headaches normally present.

Sensations you may experience –

* Bursting, throbbing and pulsating pain

* Burning, shooting pains, mainly front part of the head.

* Extremely sensitive scalp

Symptoms worse for –

* Sunlight, noise, lying flat.

* Stopping

* 3 pm – 11pm

Symptoms are better for –

* Keeping perfectly still, sitting upright

* Wrapping up head tightly

* Darkened room


* Aggravation by slightest movement

* Face is flushed and heavy-looking

* You will feel drowsy and will not want to be disturbed.

* Your be very irritable.

* Headache starts on getting out of bed and last all day.

* Accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and constipation.

Sensations you may experience

* Bursting pain behind eyes; in forehead extends to back of the head

*You will feel like you been hit by a hammer within head

* Scalp is sensitive to slightest touch

Symptoms are worse for

* Slightest movement (even moving your eyes aggravates).

* Worse for having company.

* Worse for sun, stooping and stuffy rooms

Symptoms are better for

* Rest

* Tight pressure

* Cold compresses.


* Looks heavy, especially in the eyes

* TIredness, cannot be bothered with anything

* Periodic headache, every few days or a couple of weeks.

* Headache starts at the back of the head and extends overhead     (to the forehead, over right eye).

* Frequent urination of large amounts of pale urine which relieves the headache

* No thirst

*Large pupils

Sensations you may experience

* As though tight band was around head

* Dimness of vision, or other visual disturbances (migraine)

* Bruised sensation

*Muscular soreness of neck/shoulders

Symptoms are worse –

* Lying flat, movement, jarring, light and noise

Symptoms are better-

* Lying with head on a high pillow

* Sleeping and urination

I would also like to share with you a couple of Flower Essences to help support the Homeopathy.  I find they work beautifully together.

Australian Bush Flower Essence
Black-eyed Susan

This is a great essence for people that are fast moving and quick thinking.  A good indication that this essence is needed is the large amount of stress that is present in your life.  People that need Black-eyed Susan are constantly trying to cram too many activities into their day causing themselves lots of stress, which in turn presents as a tension headache due to muscle tension.  This essence helps to slow down, turn inwards enabling them to find calmness and inner guidance.  Other physical symptoms that may be present and Black-eyed Susan can assist with is heartburn and diarrhoea, due to their intestines being in a hurry, back problems, and adrenal fatigue.

Take 7 drops of this essence morning and night when feeling overwhelmed, in a hurry or are suffering from any of the above symptoms.

Australian Bush Flower Combination  Essence
Emergency Essence

This Essence is a combination of Crowea, Fringed Violet, Grey Spider Flower. Sundew and Waratah.  It is a great essence to have in handbag or cupboard for any physical or emotional upset.  It has a calming effect on the mind, emotions, and body during minor and major crises.  It will quickly ease, fear, panic, severe mental or physical stress, nervous tension, and pain which can all be adding to your headaches and migraines.

This remedy can be given every 10-15 minutes if necessary until the person feels better. 7 drops.

I hope you give these essences and remedies a try as I know they will support you and help to relieve your symptoms.

Of course, if your symptoms persist please seek medical advice immediately.