Hello lovely, Angelic Followers,

Today, I want to share with you how my children connected to their Guardian Angels without realizing it and also share with you how you can communicate with your Guardian Angel!  This is going to be so much fun!!!

Everyone has a Guardian Angel and this is a very special angel that closes your connection with the spiritual realm once you incarnate into your body at birth.  The connection to the spiritual realm is at the fontanel at the top of the babies head.

Your guardian angel never leaves you and will be with you until the end of your life when they will help your spirit to rise to the light to return you to the golden place you came from.

As a child, some children still see their guardian angel and these are often referred to as imaginary friends.  Mine was called Hector and I can remember talking to him when I was quite small but my memory of him now is quite faded.  Both my children see Angels.  My son was about 5 or 6 yrs old at the time and he came running in from the garden one day and said: “Mummy there is a little boy outside playing football with me and he looks just like me.”  I replied explaining it could be your spirit brother (I had two miscarriages after Charlie was born).  He just said oh ok and run back outside to continue playing football.  He went on to tell me a few more times that he was playing with his friend and would often ask “can’t you see him mummy” at this stage on my spiritual path I couldn’t.  Sometimes I would ask him if he was playing with this football friend and he would reply “no his not out to play today”.

My daughter had two imaginary friends from the age of about 3 years old with very strange names Annamogin and Hallalee (not sure if that’s how you spell their names but have spelt how she used to say them).  I would quite often hear her chatting with them and I used to ask her who she was talking to and she would reply my friends Annamogin and Hallalee.  Sometimes I would sit down on the sofa with her and she used to say mummy you have just sat on Hallalee.  Or when I was preparing lunch she would quite casually say don’t forget Annamogin likes ham sandwiches he wants one too, please. We laugh about this now because she can remember speaking to them but she was clearly seeing her guardian angels.

They are still with them both but they are now immersed in the physical and mental world, with social media, phones, and tablets so their guardian angel is not involved so much in their day-to-day life but rest assured they are still by their sides.

When we get to adulthood, our guardian angel tends to take a back seat and our spirit guides to step forward to guide us on our life path as they are more in tune with our daily lives and the problems we encounter.  Rest assured your guardian angel will still be watching over you and you only have to call them and they will be straight by your side.

Connecting with your guardian angel

  • Make sure your phone is switched off and that you have a full half an hour to dedicate to this connection without being disturbed.
  • Light a candle.
  • To cleanse your aura and energy field you can do one of two things.  You can use the Archangel Metatron White Spray and spray it around you asking for the angels to cleanse and repair your aura.  Another method is splashing a little mineral water onto your hairline, throat, and each pulse point.
  • Now lie down and focus on your breath bringing relaxation to your mind and body.  There is no need to control your breath just breathe as you would normally.  Allow yourself to relax completely and don’t force anything.
  • After a minute or so of focusing on your breath, you may sense or see your angel in your mind through clairvoyant or psychic, vision.  You may also hear a deep voice in your ear or just be able to sense their presence or feel a light touch.  I know my angels and guides are close by because I can feel their presence.  If you don’t hear or see anything don’t worry – just sensing them its as good.  Over time your clairaudient (psychic hearing) and clairvoyant (psychic vision) channels will open as did mine.

Now you are ready to speak to your angel.  There is no right or wrong way to do this but I always suggest when you are first starting out to talk to your angel in a soft loving voice like you would talk to a young baby or a dear friend you have known for many years.

To connect deeper with your angels you can use crystals as these are a natural medium that merges with angel energies.  Quartz crystal is the best crystal to use.  It will act as a channel to talk to you or even show themselves. I have a quartz crystal and in it, I can see my spirit guide very clearly.  He looks like a wizard a bit like Merlin.  I can also see my daughter who is in spirit.  You may also hear their angelic voice in your ear as you hold the crystal.  If it doesn’t happen straight away be patient relax and in time it will. You cannot force any of this to happen it happens in divine timing and when you are ready and they are ready to communicate with you.

There are other crystals you can use to communicate with your angels and I will share these with you another time.  Quartz crystals are the best crystals to start with as I said.

Of course, once you are connected with your angel and guides ask them their name they will be happy to tell you and then in a moments notice you can call on them and in a second they will be by your side.

There are many ways to connect with your angels and these can be quite personal to you.  Music is another medium they will channel through.  You will be in the car or listening to the radio and a song will play and the words will be a message for you.  It is normally a song that keeps coming on throughout the day or will be playing every time you change radio stations or when you walk into a shop or get into the car.  This is your angel communicating with you.  It is most likely to be a song you love.

Well, this gives you some little pointers to try and I would love to hear from you on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AngelicMamas/ please comment on the thread of this blog post.

Have fun connecting with your angels.

Much love and light

Michelle x