We are all told that breast is best when we have a baby but sometimes a few weeks in it doesn’t feel that way Not everyone has a straight forward wonderful experience and unfortunately I didn’t with either of my children.

My son just refused to latch on so after two days of trying the hospital decided it was best to give him a bottle and so that was that. My daughter I breast fed for six weeks and then stopped as my nipples were so sore, cracked and bleeding, I had mastitis and she was suffering from colic and I was advised to give her a bottle as they felt she maybe better off on the bottle as she may not gulp so much air in! This made no difference to my daughter’s colic.


At the time, I had not been introduced to homeopathy but if I had I definitely would have persevered a bit longer and also treated her with homeopathy for the colic. Obviously, this is a personal decision and breast feeding is not for everyone.

Today, I would like to share with you some homeopathic remedies for some common breast feeding problems, which can occur when feeding your newborn.

Breast abscess – The symptoms of a breast abscess is extreme pain, swelling, hardness and heat in the part of the lactating breast, which is caused by infection. Early treatment is required otherwise an incision and drainage maybe necessary. Two remedies to consider are Phytolacca 30c or Bryonia 30c. Take the remedy every 6 hours.

Cracked or Sore Nipples – Externally, sparingly apply a calendula cream 5% every 3 hours this helps to ease the pain and promote healing and is safe for baby when breast feeding. Also take the remedy Castor equi 6c by mouth every 6 hours.

Insufficient milk – I personally think this was the problem I had. One of the possible causes of insufficient milk is due to dehydration and can be corrected by drinking additional fluid. If this does not improve the flow of milk – Urtica urens 6c every 6 hours or Pulsatilla 6c every 12 hours will help to promote lactation.

When I decided to stop feeding my daughter I suffered with engorgement and I wished I had known about homeopathy to help relieve it. The health visitor advised me to put the tightest bra I had on and to take pain killers until milk production reduced/ceased.


Reducing Lactation –When women make the choice to start weaning their baby and reducing breast feeds their breasts can become engorged causing discomfort and pain. This can be prevented by Lac Caninum 200c – take six doses over 12 hours.

These remedies are general guidelines and there are other remedies that can be used under the supervision of a homeopath.