Archangel Metatron Colour Healing

Archangel Metatron is the Archangel who governs all of the other Archangels and Angels. He is sometimes referred to as the Great Orchestrator. 

Archangel Metatron works closely with Archangel Sandalphon and where you find one you can normally find the other working together and supporting one another.

Metatron quite often acts as Gatekeeper to other Ascended Masters and energies. I quite often tell my students if you are not sure which Angel or Archangel you need to help and assist you, call on Archangel Metatron and he will send who is needed. He is the bridge between you.

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Metatron In My Life

I remember my first experience with Metatron after my attunement with Amanda Ellis. I went from feeling wonderful to being woken in the night to see at the end of my bed a very tall Angel dressed in orange robes. Just standing watching over me as I slept. As I looked at him he smiled and then faded away. I lay back down in awe knowing I was divinely protected.

In my work with Metatron, he helps me to support and help my clients link their emotions and traumas which are being shown to them through their physical ailments and I work with Amanda’s aura sprays, colour, crystals, and hands-on healing with the guidance of Archangel Metatron to help release blocks, heal trauma, calm the mind, and bring the body and mind back into balance.

How I Work

I work in person or proved distant healing sessions over Zoom or at a time that you can lay down to receive the healing by setting an intention to receive the healing I have sent.

I carry out chakra balancing, inner child healing, past lives, ancestral healing, and cord cutting as part of my healing practice and Metatron always gets me to pull cards as part of this process for extra guidance. He concentrates on what he deems is most important for you to heal and grow from as he teaches us self-responsibility.

I also am an Archangel Metatron Card Reader and carry out readings over Zoom or recorded sessions. My main guide is Archangel Metatron but I work with many of the Archangels, Light Beings, and Ascended Masters. I have a Youtube Channel where I pull cards for the week and weekend and talk about anything Metatron wants me to.

Soul to Soul Group

Each month we look at a topic connected to the full moon and new moon and work with this energy for self healing and growth along with the guidance of Archangel Metatron, Archangels and the Lightbeings of the Cosmic Council.

We also have a healing topic that we work with each month.  We recently worked with Grief – there are so many aspects of grief that we carry through our lives, that gently need unraveling and releasing.


A What My Clients Are Saying

Michelle is a wonderful healer and teacher – one of the best! She is very gifted and has a huge amount of knowledge and wisdom. Highly recommended.

Claire S


Michelle has been treating me throughout my third trimester and has turned me from a doubting Thomas into a believer in all things holistic. I am sure she has transformed my last weeks of pregnancy, I feel great and baby goes mad whenever I hop (well ok, flop) on her treatment table. Thank you Michelle, we have both loved being looked after by you x

Sacha M


I have just had such a fab session with Michelle. I have had reflexology to induce labour before, which I found really painful, so I was a bit apprehensive. Michelle’s treatment was so relaxing and not even slightly painful, and I basically fell asleep for the 45 minute duration... I am 40 weeks today, so here’s hoping!! Much appreciated Michelle, I am feeling really great after today’s session and a little less anxious about the birth xx

Lynn W


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