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Coaster Information

The Earth Star Chakra is located outside the body 12 inches below your feet. The Earth Star chakra’s key property is grounding and connection to Mother Earth.  It also helps to dispel negative energy a also helps to manage one’s energies by dispelling negative energy and channeling positive energy from the earth.

As a conduit for this positive energy, the earth star chakra helps foster feelings of connection with the earth, the ability to stay present in day-to-day tasks and routines, and a sense of being rooted in something greater than oneself, which is beneficial for self-awareness and clear thinking.

On the other hand, though, letting the earth star chakra get ‘out of tune’ can lead to feeling out of touch with oneself and one’s surroundings. Used for Grounding and connection to Mother Earth.

The homeopathic remedy is Oak 10m which is connected to grounding energy. Oak provides a deep permanent grounding energy that enables your roots to go very deep via the Earth Start Chakra into Mother Earth.  It helps to protect the aura by closing it down if it is too expansive. Oak helps you to link to the past, present, and future. Oak helps to unlock despair and sadness within the liver and spleen.  

It is a great support remedy for grief and supports those who have trouble assimilating loss and grief and learning from it. It balances the feminine and masculine energies.  A great remedy for tinnitus that is one-sided. Supports tension in the neck, shoulders, and solar plexus.

Earth Star Chakra Cosmic Coaster

homeopathy near me earth star chakra

Base Chakra Cosmic Coaster

homeopathy near me base chakra

The Base Cosmic Chakra is located at the bottom of your spine at your tailbone.

The Base Chakra Coaster’s energy helps to support you with feeling secure, safe, grounded, and Calm, helping evoke stillness, oneness, manifestation and protection.  It will help to bring your base chakra your foundation back into balance so that you are connected once more not only to Mother Earth and Nature but to your inner self.

This coaster will help support those suffering from low mood, depression, insomnia, panic attacks, and anxiety, relieving tension and stress, bringing in connection to Mother Earth, and connecting you back to source. We need a strong base chakra for all our other chakras to be in alignment but also all our other body systems to be working at their optimum level.

When the base chakra is out of alignment it can cause digestive issues causing nausea and diarrhoea, it can cause solar plexus issues where one can hold anger from frustration.

Cystitis is caused by being ungrounded so connects to the urinary system. So you can see it is key to have a strong balanced base chakra.  It is like having the foundations of the house not dug down enough. If our roots are not embedded into the core of Mother Earth all our body systems and chakras will crumble causing mental, physical and emotional issues to arise.

The colour red used in the coaster brings further support as it is linked to the heart and the blood.  Increasing arousal of sexual energy.  Red quickens the heart rate increases blood circulation and prompts the release of adrenaline. it is a good colour to work with if you have an iron deficiency and anaemia.  Red has the ability to increase circulation which makes it a good colour to work with if poorly with a viral or bacterial infection.

Due to red being able to increase circulation activating the adrenal glands and increasing blood circulation please use it with caution if you suffer from high blood pressure, asthma, epilepsy and hypertension when working with the colour red.

Emotionally red can cause a person to become aggressive, argumentative and angry.  If you experience these emotions Pink may be a better colour to work with as it has white mixed with red which softens the red and is a more delicate colour. Pink is also the colour of love.

The homeopathic remedy infused in the coaster is Oak 10m.  This is a very grounding remedy which works deeply and is permanent in its action ensuring our roots go deep into Mother Earth.  It helps with spiritual awareness and refines the spirit. It helps to link you to the past present and future.  Helps to support you to reach your highest aspirations while keeping you rooted deeply in Mother Earth. Oak helps support those that feel weighed down by life and helps give you the courage to keep moving forward in life.

A great remedy for someone who is is not sleeping well after a shock.  For healing shock and trauma especially to the spine. Oak will give you vision in a situation that feels hopeless.  Gives courage when it is needed. Those those that have trouble assimilating loss and grief and learning from it. Oak supports tension in neck and shoulders, wheat and diary allergies, Anxiety felt in the chest, palpitations, Constipation and bloating brought on by stress.  Gallstones and gallstone colic. Tinnitus which is one sided.

The sacred geometry for this coaster is the Metatron Cube which is about creation.The Metatron Cube is made up of 13 circles that represent universal law.  It is a foundation for all we create and it acts as a portal to other dimensions. The circles connect us to divine feminine energy.

The affirmations to work with on this coaster are as follow:-

I am calm.

I am safe

I am grouded

I am strong

I am supported by the universe.

A great coaster to work with by placing it on the body in a self healing session or under your water bottle to charge the water and then drinking it throughout the day.  You can also use the coasters in your healing sessions with clients helping to provide them with grounding, protective and supportive energy.

The Sacral Chakra Centre is one of the main centres that keeps our physical body and our well-being healthy.  It helps to focus our vital force into making a strong and viable immune system to help us fight off infection and disease.  It also controls our emotions and is ruled by the element of water.  So when we don’t share our feelings with others we retain water in the body.  This creates bloating and puffiness.

It is also the main centre for relationships not only with others but ourselves.  So the emotion ‘am I good enough’? would sit in this centre.  It governs our sexual maturity and controls our appetites for food, sex and pleasure. It is our connection centre with our parents, lovers, siblings and our children.  So like the base chakra, it is another big energy centre.  Money and Careers will also be part of this chakra as they do overlap so although this is part of the base money and career will affect the sacral chakra too.

The Sacral coaster helps support all of the above and the following physical aliments: -Sexual/reproductive disorders, bladder and kidney aliments connected to the urinary system, aliments in the pelvic area and lower back pain, sciatica, period problems, fibroids, endometriosis, cystitis, prostate problems, lower digestive cramps, IBS, weight gain around the middle.  

All of these physical symptoms will have an emotional connection so if there is a physical symptom you are experiencing have a look at your emotions as this in turn will be creating this physical ailment or disease.

Emotional signs your sacral is out of balance are emotional overreactions to situations, excessive neediness in relationships, co-dependency, fear of happiness or pleasure, self-sabotage, low libido, depression and pessimism.  This centre is easily unbalanced and blocked as every harsh word, anger, argument, grief, and heartbreak affects this chakra so it’s important to keep this in balance.

The colour used in creating this coaster is Orange.  Orange is a hot colour which is full of vital force energy and so is able to deeply connect you with the life force.  Orange also is connected with sensuality and sexuality, with a deep connection to passion, creativity and joy.  Orange helps to stimulate physical energy in the body and can open channels of suppressed vitality from an overactive mind.   Orange brings warmth, healing and physical well-being.

The sacred geometry is Icosahedron which is a symbol the body understands in the same way it does colour.  This shape will support you in releasing any shock or trauma, releasing old hurts and experiences bringing balance back to the sacral chakra strengthening it and providing a reconnection to your creativity, sexuality and life force energy.

The homeopathic remedy infused within it is Holly Berry 18c. Holly Berry brings peace and acceptance and brings down higher knowledge into our lives without any conflict.  Very strong protective remedy providing balance and refuge.  Helps to support any condition in which blood is featured.  Good remedy for those who have been through great trauma supports those experiencing the need to self-harm, supports anaemia, menstrual issues, and nose bleeds.

Emotionally it helps with the support of anyone suffering with utter despair, pain or suffering. Supports deep deep pain in the heart from unspoken suffering and great grief.  For those who carry great guilt. For people who cannot make decisions.  For people who feel they cannot be helped and are doomed. Helps with gut problems, nausea and vomiting.

The affirmation for the sacral coaster is:

I am good enough.

Sacral Chakra Cosmic Coaster

homeopathy near me sacral chakra

Solar Plexus Cosmic Coaster

homeopathy near me solar plexus

The Solar Plexus Cosmic chakra guides you through life by creating a strong sense of self, setting personal boundaries and building self-esteem and willpower. The ability to bring change into your life and to the world is enabled within this Chakra.   This is your fire centre and the centre where we get our gut feeling and intuition from that which gives us guidance when we need it.

The solar plexus coaster supports all of the above and helps us to bring into balance and heal the physical and emotional symptoms which may be shown to us when this chakra is out of alignment.

Physical Symptoms of an Imbalance within the Solar Plexus.

Ulcers, Poor digestion, gas, nausea, Hypoglycemia, Diabetes, Asthma and other respiratory problems, Arthritis, Organ problems, especially in the liver and kidneys, Nerve pain and fibromyalgia, Difficulty gaining or losing weight

Emotional and Mental Symptoms of an Imbalance within the Solar Plexus

Self Confidence, Low self-esteem, Inability to set or maintain boundaries, Codependency in relationships, Lack of self-control, Depression or anxiety and Addiction.

The colour Yellow

The colour yellow symbolises sunshine, warmth, light, freshness and cleansing.  Daffodils and spring flowers, new life and joy, lemon fruits stimulating, yellow belly such as fear and cowardice.  Citrine stones, clarity and thoughts, detoxification, digestion.  Yellow has a warm and confidence-boosting element to its colour.  It is great to incorporate around the home and office especially during the winter to bring in warmth, lighting the mood, the ray of sunshine that is needed on a dark winter day. 

If you feel yellow is not a flattering colour to wear choose more golds and ambers as these have a warmth of orange about them too.  Yellow shades encourage logical thinking, self-belief and optimism.

Homeopathic Remedy infused within this coaster is Strawberry 12c.
Strawberry supports our vitality and promotes a feeling of freedom.  It helps us to transform from pain and suffering to rebirth and new life. Strawberry helps to release sadness when the person feels that they cannot cope with it and so decides to just close down from the pain and sadness they may be experiencing.

Strawberry is another great remedy for anticipatory fear. It helps us to face the fear. For those of us who are too afraid to voice our fears to another or even to ourselves.  Strawberry restores our confidence once we have let go of the fear. For those people that take offence but don’t show it.  For those who avoid confrontation instead of speaking their truth with love and integrity.

Strawberry releases blocks held in the solar plexus. An excellent remedy for pains in the left shoulder, earache which is right-sided, for old injuries providing healing. For Red raw skin conditions.

Affirmation for the Solar Plexus Cosmic Coaster is I transform from pain and suffering to rebirth and new life.

The heart Chakra is the centre of your deep bond with other people, and our relationships,  it is the sense of caring and compassion, your feelings of self-love, generosity, kindness and respect.

The heart centre is your healing centre the ultimate healing force.  The heart centre helps us to realise that we are part of something larger, that we are connected within a web of relationships, which extend through our lives and the universe.   This is the centre that connects to oneness.  We connect to everything via the heart chakra.

When the heart chakra is open and heart energy is flowing freely, you are not only loving others, you are also loving yourself.  You know when to say no and when you need care and self-nurturing.

Physical Symptoms of an Imbalance within the Heart Chakra

pneumonia, asthma, breast problems, respiratory problems, upper back pain, shoulder and upper-arm pain and premature ageing,

Emotional and Mental Symptoms of an Imbalance within the Heart Chakra

pathetic, faithlessness, unforgiving, hopelessness,  distrustful, uncommitted and detached.

The Heart Chakra coaster supports all of the above and helps us to bring into balance and heal the physical and emotional symptoms which may be shown to us when this chakra is out of alignment.

The colour Green and Pink

Green is the colour of nature and nature lovers, a reminder to us of the beauty and the spaciousness of the natural world.  This is the colour of new growth.  It offers us renewed opportunities.  Green has a soothing and comforting energy.  Green is a natural stress reliever Green is the colour of the heart and so is connected with the hearts qualities such as honesty. Generosity and truth.  Green people are tolerant, generous and open-hearted.  They are guided by the truth of their own feelings.  Green people are prone to chest infections and other respiratory problems as well as difficulties with the heart and circulation. 

Pink is the colour that nourishes and supports, burning negativity and replacing it with unconditional love.  There are many varieties of pink, from deep fuchsia to coral and peach.  Pink people tend to be sensitive, warm, kind and generous people.    Pink people often need to discover a sense of love, value and appreciation for themselves. The essential oil rose is an aphrodisiac and also supportive emotionally to women and men.  Pink people are known to give too much of their energy to others, this leaves them physically and emotionally drained.

It is important for pink people to keep their strength up by wearing pink, red, peach and orange. Pink people can experience problems with reproduction and also hormonal deficiencies.  Pink helps people to overcome difficulties in their relationships with their parents especially their mother.  Pink helps people with low self esteem and feelings of loneliness and sadness.  Pink helps to promote self acceptance and respect and helps to alleviate feelings of irritation and hypersensitivity. 

The Homeopathic Remedy for the Heart Chakra Coaster is Emerald 30c

Emerald is the number 1 homeopathic heart chakra remedy and is my go too. It helps to open the heart for the smallest amount of light to enter.  It helps the client to speak their truth from the depths of their heart. Emerald helps to bring peace, harmony and love.  Helps to enhance all of the chakras not just one in particular and helps us to develop and enhance our intuition and healing powers. Emerald works beautiful on the emotional side of the heart.

Emerald has a strong effect on the nervous system help to calm all aspects of it especially calming a troubled mind.

One of its key issues and I have experienced this personally as it helps with a tooth extraction softening the ligaments for the tooth to be extracted with ease.

It is a great menopause remedy helping support itchy skin all over the body, Dry skin complaints, back problems, helps to balance hormones especially if coming off the pill or HRT for whatever reason.

Affirmation for the Heart Chakra Coaster is I am Worthy of Love

 The coaster is Infused with the Energy of Archangel Metatron, Colour, Sacred Geometry, Affirmations, and homeopathy.

Heart Chakra Cosmic Coaster

homeopathy near me heart chakra

Throat Chakra Cosmic Coaster

homeopathy near me throat chakra

The Throat Chakra is the voice of the body. It is a pressure valve that allows the energy from the other chakras to be expressed. If it is out of balance or blocked it can affect the health of the other chakras.

When it is in balance we can express what we think and what we feel. We can communicate our ideas, beliefs, and emotions from a place of love and integrity. When the throat chakra is in balance and open, we can bring our personal truth out into the world.

When the throat chakra is in balance we have an easy flow of energy within the body and spirit. The energy that springs upward from the sacral chakra through the solar plexus can continue its path enabling free expression of the values and needs expressed within the energy.

When the throat chakra is out of balance the physical symptoms may include sore throats, tight jaw, stiff neck and headaches.

Emotional and Mental Symptoms of an Imbalance within the Throat Chakra

Habitually lying, feeling fear and doubt about the intentions of others, stammering and or at a loss for words and feeling isolated, unheard and misunderstood.

You may well have symptoms of other chakras being out of balance. This is because the throat chakra is blocking the flow from the other chakras within the body  

 The Throat Chakra Coaster supports all of the above and helps us to bring into balance and heal the physical and emotional symptoms which may be shown to us when this chakra is out of alignment.

The colour Blue

Blue is the colour of trust, honesty and loyalty.  It is the essence of tranquillity and serenity.  It is sincere, reserved and quiet, and doesn’t like to make a fuss or draw attention. It hates confrontation and likes to do things in its own way.  Blue people are reliable and responsible.  This colour shines an inner security and confidence.

You can rely on it to take control and do the right thing in difficult times.

Blue people have a need for order and direction in their lives, including their living and workspaces.

This is a colour that seeks peace and tranquillity above everything else, promoting both physical and mental relaxation.  Blue brings relief to any inflammation, slowing the blood pressure, and calming the head and the heart.    Blue is connected to the throat and thyroid gland and this is where both the head and heart find expression.   A reluctance to speak out may cause throat constriction in the blue person causing sore throats.  Blue people tend to be thinkers rather than doers.  They can suffer with poor circulation, low blood pressure and chest conditions including asthma.  Blue people need to where hotter colours such as orange and red to warm up their physical bodies and to counteract the blue in their lives. 

Use blue when you need to feel stronger and more independent, communicate peacefully especially when it is something you are finding hard to say.  You need to feel protected and nurtured especially at times of change.  Blue will also help bring a sense of faith and trust.  Blue will help to calm any over activity, wear blue when you are doing too much thinking, or when there is pain or any soreness anywhere within the body.  Blue helps people to overcome the feeling of depression and loneliness.

The Homeopathic Remedy for the Throat Chakra Cosmic Coaster is Blue 6c

Blue has an affinity with the throat and the sacral chakras as they are interlinked.  It has a great calming influence, bringing gentleness, clarity, refinement and love. It helps with not only helping us speak our truth from a place of love and safety but provides a feeling of a warm blanket if suffering with depression or low mood.  It is connected into any uncertainty about the future which may be causing depression.  It is a great remedy for PMS helping us to connect and work with our cycle depression.

Blue helps to support grief and guilt wether it be for another or self-criticism, self doubt or lack of confidence.  Helps to look at isolation, a sense of separation through grief. This person may want to be left alone and could be very pessimistic.  For anyone feel fearful as Blue brings a calming effect to the mind and body.  A good birthing remedy for any baby that has breathing difficulties after birth.  For those that are anxious and panicky.

Blue will support tension in the the throat, any numb or coldness in the body, it helps to open the creative energy of the throat centre.

A great remedy for those suffering with Insomnia caused by a busy overactive mind, waking for no reason and are unable to sleep after 2am.

 Affirmations for the Throat Chakra
Speak your truth with love, I speak with integrity

The coaster is Infused with the Energy of Archangel Metatron, Colour, Sacred Geometry, Affirmations, and homeopathy.

The Third Eye Chakra is found at the centre of the forehead, between the eyesThird Eye Chakra is the chakra we refer to as “the sixth sense”. The Chakra connects us to our internal intuitions and is responsible for the ability to read the future and receive non-verbal messages.

When working with this Cosmic Coaster please ensure you attach a silver cord from your feet to your Earth Star Chakra to keep you grounded and connected to Earth as you reach up to the higher planes.  Sometimes when we take ourselves up to the high chakras we can find it hard to come back down to earth – so make sure you ground yourself after working with this coaster.

When the third eye chakra is out of balance.

When the Chakra is unbalanced we experience fatigue, day dreaming, sleep problems, lack of assertiveness, inability to listen to others, and may even often feel disoriented.

This is the  area of our mind that controls our common sense, wisdom, intelligence, memory retention, dreams, spirituality and intuition and is connected to the solar plexus. 

 The colour Indigo (purple)

If the colour indigo is loved by a person it indicates that they are strong and dependable.  These people can rely on themselves and they can be relied upon by others.  This person is self contained and in control of their actions.  Frankincense is associated with this chakra as it slows and deepens the breath helping the deep connection of prayer and meditation.

Affirmation for the Third Eye Chakra Cosmic Coaster.
Open your eyes to the beauty around you. Sense, See or Fee the beauty.

The Homeopathic Remedy infused in this Cosmic Coaster is Buddleia

Buddleia is one of my favourite modern day remedies. It is my go to remedy for any trauma or shock.  This helps us to see what happened clearly and to be able to process the shock and trauma we have been through. This may sound strange to want to look at it but to do this we are able to learn from it and let it go, replacing it with forgiveness for ourselves and others.

It is a very calming remedy known as the homeopathic tranquilliser.  It brings great peace and a degree of trust and faith that everything is perfect just the way it is.  It is an amazing remedy for anxiety that is focused at the back of the throat or solar plexus.  It is for those that cannot move forward without fear, who feel powerless, who to choose to run rather than face the fear they are feeling. For those that are afraid of the dark and are obsessed with the light.

This remedy works in a very gentle but powerful way, releasing layers of trauma and fear from life times ago as well at the present life.

Buddleia brings Christs energy to consciousness allowing us to see the bigger picture of life gone by.  Integrates spirituality and spiritual awareness into life. Helps to bring in boundaries where they are necessary, for those that feel lost because they have no boundaries.

I could write much more here as this remedy has so many uses.

The coaster is Infused with the Energy of Archangel Metatron, Colour, Sacred Geometry, Affirmations, and homeopathy.

Third Eye Cosmic Coaster

Third Eye Chakra homeopathy near me

Crown Chakra Cosmic Coaster

The Crown Chakra is found at the top of your head and it is often referred to as “the connection to source/spirit”

When working with this Cosmic Coaster please ensure you attach a silver cord from your feet to your Earth Star Chakra to keep you grounded and connected to Earth as you reach up to the higher planes.  Sometimes when we take ourselves up to the high chakras we can find it hard to come back down to earth – so make sure you ground yourself after working with this coaster.

When the crown chakra is out of balance.

When your crown chakra is out of balance you will be full of thoughts and it feels like you can’t switch your brain off, you become disconnected from source/universe and the world around you, and you will feel anxious and fearful, depressed and unsatisfied.

Physical symptoms of a blocked crown chakra include:

Neurological disorders, Nerve pain, Thyroid and pineal gland disorders, Alzheimer’s, Recurring headaches, migraines, Schizophrenia and delusional disorders, Insomnia and Low Mood or Depression.

The colour silver/Violet
Silver is a precious metal and, like gold, often symbolizes riches and wealth. Silver is believed to be a mirror to the soul, helping us to see ourselves as others see us. As a gemstone silver represents hope, unconditional love, meditation, mystic visions, tenderness, kindness, sensitivities, and psychic abilities.

Violet people are in good balance and are natural-born healers, born pioneers, and leaders who radiate peacefulness, a sense of authority, and the energy for positive change. They have great spiritual staying power.  Violet has a natural ability to bring an atmosphere of calm to those who are troubled and soothe their pain and grief.  If the violet person takes on too much they suffer exhaustion and depression. It balances both sides of the brain so can also be used in treating epilepsy. 

Violet people don’t do things by halves.   Spiritually, emotionally, and sexually their relationships are intense.  So when they commit themselves to a partner or a friend it goes deep and last long. They are devoted, loyal, and responsible.

The Homeopathic Remedy infused within this Cosmic Coaster is Snowdrop 6c

This remedy has a strong spiritual energy.  It takes us up to the gold and silver vibrations of source to give a life-line into light.  It helps the soul to leave the body and see its invisible world.  Helps to develop trust and intuition and for us to trust it.

It gives faith and confidence of our links with the spirit world. It helps lost souls to reconnect with their links to the spirit world.

It promotes astral travel, psychic and clairvoyant development.

Snowdrop clears deep shock and trauma. An his the subtle damage of shock and trauma. Refines and purifies etheric structures. A great remedy for Fear, anxiety and lack of confidence. Helps us to feel calm and courageous.

Awakens all chakras especially the crown and the heart.

Releases us from the past from outmoded structures of the past. Gives you the ability to see things from a different angle, to see patterns within yourself and others.  Helps to cut ties that hold people back. Helps to support Vaccine damage.  Helps with all aspects of vision, great for period pain and lower back ache.  Has a big affinity with the nervous system and the brain.

Words of connection for this Cosmic Coaster are:_
Connecting to Source, Gateway to Spirit, Connect to new possibilities within you and Links Heaven to Earth,

The coaster is Infused with the Energy of Archangel Metatron, Colour, Sacred Geometry, Affirmations, and homeopathy.

The Causal Chakra is sometimes referred to as the Galactic Chakra. This chakra is connected to  the right side of the brain which helps us with our thought processes.  It is connected to the head, neck, shoulders, throat and higher heart and governs the ears, sinuses, hypothalamus, pineal gland and pituitary gland too..

The causal chakra is found at the back of the neck at the bottom of the occipital point and is another point where spirit enters the body allowing us to download spiritual guidance and messages.

Homeopathic Remedy for the Causal Chakra is Sapphire 6c

Causal Chakra Cosmic Coaster

Archangel Sandlephon homeopathy near me

Alta Major Cosmic Coaster

alta major chakra homeopathy near me

The colour is Teal

The colour Teal is made up of the colours blue and green. The blue element provides peace, strength and protection and the green element provides us with healing, growth and expansion. Teal is a revitalising and rejuvenating colour that also represents open communication and clarity of thought.

The Homeopathic Remedy infused within the Causal Cosmic Coaster is Sycamore Seed 18c

Sycamore Seed is a great remedy to take and work with prior to any cranial bone realignment or Osteopath treatment.  It relaxes the muscles around the bones for ease of manipulation. This remedy works well with paired organs in the body such as kidneys, lungs etc.  This remedy takes us from duality to unity. It enhances the power of prayer to help lost and trapped souls.  Fantastic remedy to have during healing circles where great healing is required.

Sycamore Seed helps us to understand the point of view of others without judgement. Supports fear and sadness where there is guilt and regret. It helps us to also recognise the inner child within us and brings joy back to our life.

Has a powerful affinity to the skeletal system especially the sphenoid bone and the cranium. So good for arthritis, rheumatic conditions and bones in general.

Also works with the endocrine glands to bring balance and harmony. Thyroid imbalances, Pineal calcification, Supports the adrenal glands and pancreas where there is low blood sugar and diabetes.

Supports scattered emotions and thoughts that are erratic and uncoordinated. For impatience, unpredictable moods and a feeling of being trapped or imprisoned. For those that feel they are on the wrong path but can see no way of changing it. Feel they are locked into the effect of past decisions. Everything is difficult.

A remedy for tension in the neck, headaches, migraines, Exhaustion, SAD, ME/MS. diabetes.

​Words of connection for this Alta Major Cosmic Coaster are:

Bring in the energy of teal through the crown chakra. I upgrade and cleanse the Alta major chakra.  I clear the throat with teal.  Just breathe. I upgrade the third eye for clarity.



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