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How To Use Your Cosmic Coasters

Each coaster has been designed with Japanese researcher and healer, Dr. Masaru Emoto work with water and energy in mind. Dr Emoto’s experiments showed that Words have been found to affect water crystals.  Dr. Masaru Emoto, conducted experiments on water molecules. These experiments showed human thoughts and intentions can physically alter the molecular structure of water. By drinking this imprinted water it can affect your mind and body. 18 Jan 2018

This was my thought behind creating the coasters and so ideally they are to be used by placing a water bottle or jug of water on them allowing the water to be fused with the vibration of crystals, colour, Angelic energy, affirmations/intentions, and the energy of each Archangel. Then you drink the water to ripe the healing vibrations.

The coasters can also be placed on the body for self-healing or in a healing session.



The Archangel Metatron Cosmic Coaster is about creating your reality.  It holds the colours of the Rainbow providing many vibrations of colour which our bodies automatically recognize. If you are ever unsure of what colour to work with always choose white as it embodies all the vibrations of the rainbow.

The Flower of Life and Metatron’s Cube are our sacred geometry on this coaster. The Flower of Life brings creation with the Seed of Life within it.  This acts as a portal to the Akashic Records returning us back to the start of creation and a reminder that we are all one, all connected.

The Metatron Cube is made up of 13 circles that represent universal law.  It is a foundation for all we create and it acts as a portal to other dimensions. The circles connect us to divine feminine energy.  The affirmations Metatron requested for this coaster are “I attune to the energy of Archangel Metatron”.  “Be your own warrior” and “The answers lie within you”. This a reminder that Metatron won’t do the work for us but he will guide and support us.  

The Homeopathic Remedy for Metatron’s coaster is Rainbow 200c.  The Rainbow energy is symbolic of the bridge between heaven and earth, between light and darkness, for the arc of the rainbow is only part of the whole circle which also goes down into the darkness of the centre of the earth.  The rainbow remedy’s keynotes are Harmony, Peace and Purification on all levels.  It builds bridges on all levels be them ancestral, karmic bridges or a family feud that needs mending offering a bridge between two people.  It balances all chakras of the body.  It removes negative energy from any areas of the planet. Rainbow dissipates and grounds negative energy in its purification.  It purifies water. It helps with hot flushes, night sweats, and supports depression.

For those that cannot put down roots and keep moving on. Helps with impatience.  It is also connected to Jupiter and Neptune and if these two planets are transiting the sun or opposing or squaring the sun Rainbow will help transmute the negative aspects of the energy from these two planets and help the person at a very high spiritual level.  

The coaster is charged with the energy of Archangel Metatron, the homeopathic remedy Rainbow and the crystal energies of Carnelian and Fire Agate.

Archangel Metatron

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Archangel Sandlephon

archangel sandlephon coasters healing near me

The Archangel Sandelphon Cosmic Coaster is about grounding and connecting to the centre of Mother Earth. The seven-pointed star on Sandlephon’s coaster represents the 7 days of creation – the creation of the earth – connecting to the earth and nature.  

Sandlephon comes to us on the bronze ray and the colour also represents Mother Earth.  The Affirmations on Sandlephon’s coaster are “I am protected by the golden light of Sandlephon, “I connect to the sounds of nature” “Evoking the energy of Mother Earth” and “I am grounded”.

The homeopathic remedy infused within the coast is Lac Humanum 1m.   Lac Humanum is also known as Mother’s Milk again bringing us back to the link of Mother Earth and her nurturing energy.  This remedy supports us when our spirit is hurt or the spirit within us is damaged.  There is a feeling within us of loneliness and alienation.  Lac Humanum links us to the elementals and helps to keep us grounded with the Earth and with Nature.  It helps to establish you properly on your path.  

This remedy also links you to the Sacral and Throat Chakras as well as the Earth Star which Sandlephon governs.  Lac Humanum helps us to heal the link with the mother damage from whatever cause.  Heals the relationship between mother and child. Also allows for proper separation so we don’t cling and hold ourselves back and our children when they are ready to fly. 

Supports people who are affected by the moon energies, especially the full moon.  The coaster is charged with the energy of Archangel Sandlephon and Archangel Metatron, the homeopathic remedy Lac Humanum and the crystal energies of Hematite, Red Jasper and Tigers Eye.

The Archangel Raphael Cosmic Coaster is about Healing, addictions, and behaviours.  Raphael brings balance, harmony, and peace. She comes to us on the healing ray of green.  Repair and renewing not only the body but the mind. Helping us to keep our thoughts pure and positive.  

The sacred geometry of the coaster is the Metatron Cube bringing the healing of the 13 circles of creation and the 7-pointed star. Of course, the angels are all connected. Archangel Raphael brings many affirmations to this coaster.  “Strength and Guidance”, “I let go of my addictions”, “I release bad habits”, “I call in the green healing energy”, “My mind and body is bathed in healing light” “Self-healing light” “I call Archangel Raphael to me”.  

The homeopathic remedy for this coaster is Lotus 30c. Lotus is a remedy of great power.  It brings much peace, love, healing, and light,  Lotus is a fantastic remedy to take prior to meditation as it gives greater access to the higher realms and offers greater protection.  It helps all healers and practitioners to keep their strength, maintain an open heart, and keep the aura closed and energies grounded to enable them to integrate and fulfill their mission.

Lotus is the universal healer and this remedy makes everything feel better.  The healing this remedy provides is deep and it enables healing to be given and accepted on a very high level. This coaster is a must-have for your tool book of healing. The coaster is charged with the energy of Archangel Raphael, Archangel Metatron, the homeopathic remedy Lotus 30c, and the crystal energies of Orange Calcite and Green Adventurine.

Archangel Raphael

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Archangel Chamuel

archangel chamuel coaster healing near me

The Archangel Chamuel Cosmic Coaster is about pure unconditional love for the self and others.  Chamuel helps us to see ourselves and others through her eyes of pure love enabling us to let go of judgement, blame, and negativity bringing us back to the purest love available to us all.

The sacred geometry shape is the lotus petal is a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration, and rebirth – rebirthing us into the energy we incarnated with pure unconditional love.  Pink is the ray of Chamuel connecting us to the Hearth Chakra asking us to open our heart even if it is just a faction for us to experience and once again remember the love that awaits us if we just open our heart.  

Chamuel helps us to do this and to bring balance when giving and receiving love. The Affirmations on the coaster are very special to me and I hope you feel the love from them. “Love is all we need”, I radiate unconditional love’, “I love myself”, “I call in the pink healing ray”, “I all Archangel Chamuel to me”, “My mind and body is surrounded by the healing energy of love”, and “love flows to me constantly”.  

The Homeopathic remedy is Rhodocrosite.  Rhodocrosite keynotes are balance, harmony, and a deep, deep love and nurture within and without.  This remedy works on the heart chakra primarily but also balances the sacral, brow and crown chakras.  Rhodocrosite reaffirms dedication to the lessons and missions of this lifetime. So is a good remedy for those that feel life is too much, burdens are too heavy. it helps to lift doom and gloom bringing us back to the heart.  Helps with panic attacks and asthma.  Supports burnout, overwhelming tiredness, exhaustion.  

For those that feel unloved and feel they were never loved or nurtured by their mother. The coaster is charged with the energy of Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Metatron, the homeopathic remedy Rhodocrosite 30c and the crystal energies of Rose Quartz, Malachite, and Rhodocrosite.

The Archangel Michael Cosmic Coaster is about Speaking your truth, feeling good enough, feeling safe and protected. To take your own sword of truth and move forward on your ascension pathway.

The Sacred Geometry is the diamond that always connects us back to the heart chakra inviting us into sit with our own oneness or own knowing. The diamond is a symbol of creation so what would you like Michael to help you create with your sword of truth in your hand.

Michael comes to us on the blue ray and connects us to the throat chakra helping us to find the courage to speak our truth with love and integrity.  The affirmations on the coaster are “I am protected”, “Speak your Truth”, “I am safe”, “I am good enough” and “I am a warrior of light”.  Be your own warrior Michael says.

The Homeopathic remedy is Hazel 18c – Hazel brings to us a powerful energy of gentleness.  It has great protection, great warmth, and powerful gentle energy.   It brings a great resting place.  This remedy brings protection energy bringing balance, calm, and healing, It brings you back to a centre point after you have been thrown out of equilibrium by the diversity of energies that are around you.

Hazel restores and balances you. Hazel brings protection to the aura on all levels, bringing back strength, gentleness, and wisdom. You will be aware of energies unblocking within you. Hazel connects the Heart, Base and Crown chakras together.  

A powerful remedy for all states of debility and exhaustion from whatever cause. Hazel can connect you with the earth, yourself, your body, and God.  

This coaster is charged with the energy of Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, the homeopathic remedy Hazel 18c, and the crystal energies of Lapis Lazuli and Black Tourmaline.

Archangel Michael

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Archangel Zadkiel

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The Archangel Zadkiel Cosmic Coaster is about transmutation and forgiveness.  Forgiveness is not always easy but getting to this place brings us freedom.  

For when we are stuck in the unforgiving energy the only person we are hurting is ourselves and that may be hard to hear Zadkiel says but feels it needs to be heard. Call him in to help you transmute any lower energies that are keeping you stuck and stopping you from being open to the energy of forgiveness.  

Archangel Zadkiel comes to us on the ray of violet connecting to the energy of the violet flame.  Bring the violet flame through you and let Zadkiel show you what it is you are holding on to. Let Zadkiel transmute anything that may be of a lower vibration and is no longer serving you.  

The Sacred Geometry is the soft subtle lotus flower energy, supporting you to open up to that which needs to be released.  The Affirmations are “Love and forgiveness flow through me and to me”, ‘i call in the violet flame of transformation”, “I forgive you, you forgive me, we forgive each other and “I’m sorry, I love you, please forgive me thank you”. The ho’nopono prayer.

The homeopathic remedy is Lotus 200c is a remedy of great power.  It brings much peace, love, healing, and light,  Lotus is a fantastic remedy to use prior to meditation as it gives greater access to the higher realms and offers greater protection.  It helps all healers and practitioners to keep their strength, maintain an open heart, keep the aura closed and energies grounded to enable them to integrate and fulfil their mission.

Lotus is the universal healer and this remedy makes everything feel better.  The healing this remedy provides is deep and it enables healing to be given and accepted on a very high level.

The coaster is charged with the energy of Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Metatron, the homeopathic remedy Lotus 200c, and the crystal energies of Blue Lace Agate, Quartz Crystal, and Amethyst.

The Archangel Gabriel Cosmic Coaster is about connecting to the moon energies, connecting to your inner child. Gabriel is the messenger angel reconnecting you to your soul path and Inner Child.

The sacred geometry is the Icosahedron it has 20 triangular sides and a symbol for the element of water (connecting to your emotions). The energy of this shape is about trust in the wisdom of the universe and allowing others to assist in the situation.  The words of connection on the coaster are “connects to the water elemental”, “the messenger angel”, Connects you to your soul path”, Connects you to your inner Child”, Intuition, Sacral Chakra, Connects to the moon energies, Communication and Hope.  

The Homeopathic remedy is Moonstone 12c –  Moonstone strengthens the connection to Source, it deepens and increases your intuition. Moonstone enables energy to move from the Heart Chakra to the Crown Chakra.  Moonstone gives us insight spiritually into what you need to experience, not what you want but what you need. Moonstone connects us to our fertility and our feminine energy.  Moonstone helps you to leave the body float out, and be directionless.  Make sure you connect with your silver ground cord to the earth or make sure you ground after using this coaster. 

The coaster is charged with the energy of Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Metatron, the homeopathic remedy Moonstone 12c, and the crystal energies of Moonstone and Clear Quartz.

Archangel Gabriel

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Archangel Uriel

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The Archangel Uriel Cosmic Coaster is about justice, clearing away a path ahead of you, removing obstacles that are in your way, or seeing them as a blessing that can be learned from although they are challenging.

The sacred geometry is the circle, the seed of life, what are you going to manifest in your life.  It is the symbol of blessings and protection which has been passed through generations.  It is seen as the common shape for fertility and for women during pregnancy or trying to conceive.

The affirmations for the Uriel Coaster are “I evoke justice” “I overcome obstacles” “I stand strong” “My pathway ahead is clear” and “I am my own true warrior!

The homeopathic remedy is Wych Elm.  This remedy symbolizes the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil because it touches each strongly. The challenge is to go to the highest level but to stay grounded.   It represents the cycles of highs and lows, degeneration, and regeneration. Light and Darkness. Joining the Base Chakra and the Crown.  

A remedy for learning Base Chakra lessons because as we learn each lesson it helps us to birth into the next.  It helps us to have great power and strength to overcome negativity.  It is for people that feel too vulnerable when the light starts to waken in them and they feel they want to retreat from the world.

For those with no willpower, for those of us that cannot make decisions, so don’t do anything. For people that rush into things without thinking.For individuals that burn the candle and both ends and are exhausted.

The coaster is charged with the energy of Archangel Uriel, Archangel Metatron, the homeopathic remedy Wych Elm 200c, and the crystal energy of Citrine, Smoky Quartz, and Tigers Eye.

The Mother Mary Cosmic Coaster was a long time in the making.  For me, she is all about support and nurturing.  She provides such unconditional love for us all, without judgment or reprimand.

She will never step in if we have a lesson to learn but she will walk by our side ready to pick us up if we fall, brush us off, and place us back on our path with a big loving hug and encouraging words to carry on regardless of any mistakes we may have made. She encourages us to be the best version of ourselves but reminds us not to be harsh on ourselves to accept where we are and to love ourselves for who we are and what we are at this time.

She provides a safe haven of pure loving light to return to when we need to lick our wounds, are stressed, tired, overwhelmed/overworked and just provides us with that warm hug that mothers can only provide. She is there for those of you that did not have a mother’s love growing up or may have lost your mother.

You can stay with her as long as you feel you need to rest, recharge and reset. But be aware she will nudge you to move on to forgive yourself and others, to learn from your mistakes without judgment, and to journey on with love in your heart.

Place the coaster on your heart and feel the love and support through into this chakra and let it flow throughout your body to where it is needed most.

Charge your water with the love and support of the colour pink, the affirmations, the strength and love of Mother Mary and the homeopathic remedy Rose Quartz the crystal of unconditional love as well as in homeopathic form.

A great one to give a child to place under the pillow, beside the bed, or under it to provide a safe cocoon of pure pink loving energy to help them to feel safe and to sleep well. We, adults, could do with some of that support too, I know I certainly do.

The homeopathic remedy used to charge this cosmic coaster is Rose Quartz.

Rose quartz has a homeopathic remedy that has many uses but I have tried to summarize them as best I can here for this cosmic coaster.

Rose Quartz is the remedy for the heart chakra, It helps those that have a lack of energy. For those of us that find it hard to trust others for whatever reason. Helps those that experience a lack of joy, are too serious, and need to play more. Gives protection in all circumstances, whether physical, mental, or psychic.  Heals Karma that was created in Atlantis and awakens Atlantean Energy.

Supports those that have the inability to forgive, those that suppress their emotions, for absent-mindedness, or forgetfulness, for those that find it hard to concentrate, have obsessive thoughts, for those that don’t feel good enough, for those that want to hide and not be seen.

Rose Quartz offers some physical support for the following:-

Headaches which are crushing and affect the eyes and vision, vision goes blank, pain in the neck and lumbar region of the back, Eye floaters, vision problems, and works on the kidneys, and kidney ancestral energy. For all heart problems, helps to improve circulation, for those that can’t sleep and sleep a lot or use sleep as a refuge, a great remedy for chronic bone disease, weak bones, and osteoporosis. It purifies the immune system which is a good one to use in these times we live in.

The coaster is infused with the energy of Mother Mary, Rose Quartz homeopathic remedy, and crystal energy, affirmations.

Mother Mary

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Goddess Isis

goddess isis healing love near me

Isis, the goddess of love and healing comes to you on the ray of love and magic.  I share these gifts with you to bring deep healing for yourself and others.  I am powerful and strong and remind you that you are also.  You are your own healer and I guide you in the process to bring you back into balance.

I am here to teach you to trust and believe in your own intuition and guidance and to stand strong in your boundaries with love.     To trust your own messages and to work with them knowing that I have your back at all times.

There are never any mistakes just learning.  Let me reconnect you to your inner voice the voice of true guidance, which is connected to the wisdom that you hold within you.  I bring light to your conscious awareness and your inner wisdom for you to create magic in your life. To bring to the surface that which needs healing. You have the power and wisdom to heal all that is placed in front of you for you know what it is that you must do.

Isis connect you to the divine feminine energy within you be you a woman or man gently balancing this energy within you and restoring you to equilibrium. With this feminine energy is gentleness and tenderness for yourself and others. Be kind, do not judge, just love.  What is needed from you is pure trust in your own inner knowing to make the correct choices and to take the steps you need to bring love back to your heart and to heal your emotions which in turn will heal the physical body.

To heal deeply I bring you the energies of the lunar and solar eclipse energies and I ask you to breathe these in so they to can guide you on your path of righteousness and healing.

Breathe in my red energy and take this to your sacral centre to balance your creative energy which you hold here.  I will help you with any fertility issues breathing in life to this centre so you can create life itself.  I fire up your creative juices in all aspects of your life. Just trust in the messages I give you and continue to breathe in red. For red is strength, warmth, courage, and action.

I surround you with my protective energy helping you to feel safe and protected embodied in this energy bringing you the courage and strength to step forward.

Trust and belief is all that you need as I step forward and walk by your side through life and beyond.  Nudging you along the way to go within to receive the messages of wisdom and to trust in them.  Go with the flow of life and receive the magic that this will bring along the way.

The homeopathic Remedy infused in the coaster is White Chestnut 12c.

White chestnut is an important remedy due to its great healing power on every level of the being.  The remedy works like holding a candle, lights your way forwards through the darkness.  It helps you to become aware of those in other realms who are helping you.  It helps to channel messages from spirit so you get a clear understanding of what guidance and wisdom is being offered. You just have to trust the messages you receive and action on them.

This remedy is connected to the sacral and solar plexus chakras and has a powerful effect on the male and female genitalia.  It helps to heal the feminine in both women and men.  It is a powerful remedy for all states of abuse from this life and past lives where the sacral centre has been abused.

This remedy has a powerful effect on the spleen, helping red blood cells to flow correctly. It also has a powerful effect on the pancreas. It helps to regulate blood sugar levels supporting those with diabetes and those who have sugar cravings. This is a remedy to calm the whole nervous system.

White chestnut provides stillness and peace to the mind in all states of anxiety and worry whatever the cause.  It helps to let go of hidden hurts and anger and allows the soul and spirit to become free.  

White chestnut is a great healing capacity.  It has a gentle but powerful energy.

The coaster is infused with the energy of Goddess Isis, White Chestnut 12c homeopathic remedy, and crystal energy of Lapi Lazuli affirmations and sacred geometry.