Angelite is a stone which is seen as the anchor for the energies of your guardian angel, guides, and light beings.  By wearing, holding or being near Angelite it provides a connection for receiving love, guidance and support from spirit and those family members that have crossed the veil.  Angelite brings an energy of peace and calm to those that work with it providing a feeling of a warm cozy blanket surrounding them helping them to feel calm and protected.

Angelite’s gift to you is the bridge that provides communication from beings on a higher dimension enabling those that wish to develop their connection to spirit via physic attunement, channelling, mediumship, clairvoyance and spiritual healing.

Angelite will assist you in receiving spiritual guidance for yourself and others, and is a powerful tool healers, card readers and astrologers alike. It is stone that can also assist you in connecting with loved ones who have passed over enhancing communication between you and them.

Angelite stimulates the throat chakra  enabling you to communicate from a place of love and integrity enabling you to speak your truth. It is also connected to the third eye  bringing clarity to your life in helping you to see the bigger picture and the crown chakra enhancing your intuition insights and downloads from spirit, enabling you to connect to the higher vibrations of the higher realms.

Angelite also helps with dreamwork helping you to remember messages given to you in dream state. This crystal also helps you to tune into past lives and to the Akashic Records governed by Archangel Metatron helping you to understand and interpret your dreams and downloaded visions from spirit.

It is a great crystal to use in meditation as it helps you to connect enabling you to reconnect to the peace within and helping the mind to quieten allowing you to come back to the present moment to receive the messages that await you from spirit.

The energy of Angelite is a gentle connective energy to spirit and should be used when divine intervention is needed.  It helps you to connect to your guides, angels and light beings in any given moment helping you to anchor this guidance into the present, providing you with comfort and guidance during challenging times. 

Angelite connects to the skeletal system supporting your bone density and growth so a great crystal to work with during menopause when your bone density starts to deteriorate. Angelite helps anyone for self healing of broken bones along with anyone that is suffering with arthritis and osteoporosis.  It energetically assist you with improved mobility and a range of motion and helps to dissolve calcification in the joints.

It also helps with regulating appetite and digestive function especially where emotional issues play a role in obesity.

The Angelite Pendant available on my shop is charged with the energy of Archangel Metatron and the homeopathic remedy Frankincense.

Frankincense homeopathic remedy

Frankincense has an affinity with the crown centre and the upper bodies.  It also helps to clear the Throat Chakra and harmonises the third eye chakra with the higher heart. Frankincense helps to open and expand the heart and helps to heal deep wounds held within the heart.

This remedy connects with star energy which is love, so much love.  It corresponds to the angelic energies surrounding the planet and at its most powerful midwinter.

Frankincense helps you relax to the core of your being. I helps let down barriers of stress and negative protection that you have built up over not only this life but many lives,.  It purifies, energises and teaches you to relax.  It helps you to face stress that you just don’t know how to deal with. Frankincense helps you to let go of control especially for situations you don’t have control over but you are trying to have. It takes away the control and allows the greater guidance to come through.

Francincense creates a state of calmness and peace bringing deep peace and harmony  helping to calm a troubled mind bringing further peace and understanding. Each soul has its own burden to carry and the remedy helps you to face any difficult situation with calm, grace and humility.

Frankincense helps to remove fear and anxiety from the aura and help you to overcome any ordeal on whatever level you are faced with.  A good remedy also for sleeplessness, especially if it is caused by too many worries and anxieties.  You are unable to switch off and still the mind.