Powerful Amethyst

Amethyst is a variety of quartz that is prized for its deep, rich purple colour. This colour is caused by the presence of iron and other trace elements within the crystal. The hue can vary from a pale lavender to a deep, intense purple, depending on the quality and location of the crystal.

For centuries, amethyst has been valued for its beauty and healing properties. In ancient times, it was considered a precious gemstone and was used in royal jewellery and religious objects, being found in the tombs of pharaohs, the crowns of kings and queens, and the rings of bishops and popes.

In addition to its physical beauty, amethyst is also highly valued for its metaphysical properties. It is said to have a calming and soothing energy that can help alleviate stress, anxiety, and emotional turmoil. Its energy is also believed to be protective and grounding, helping to clear negative energy and promote a sense of peace and tranquillity.

In modern times, amethyst continues to be a popular choice for jewellery, home decor, and spiritual tools. Its vibrant purple colour makes it a popular choice for everything from necklaces and bracelets to home accents like crystal clusters and geodes. It can also be found in a variety of spiritual tools, such as crystal grids, meditation cushions, and altar items.

Let’s go a little deeper into this powerful crystal and see how it can help heal and guide your everyday life.

Associated Archangels

Amethyst is associated with Archangel Zadkiel, known for his power to heal emotional wounds and promote spiritual growth through his energy of forgiveness and mercy. Meditating with amethyst can help facilitate a connection with Archangel Zadkiel and his healing energy.

If you’re struggling with emotional pain or trauma, calling on Archangel Zadkiel’s energy can be particularly helpful. And amethyst, with its soothing and calming energy, can help you to connect with this powerful archangel in your meditation practice. Simply find a quiet space, hold your amethyst crystal, and call on Archangel Zadkiel to help you heal and find forgiveness. You may be surprised at how much lighter and more at peace you feel.

Associated Planets

Amethyst is often associated with the planets Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is known for its expansive energy and connection to wisdom, spirituality, and growth. This planet is associated with abundance, generosity, and the desire for knowledge and higher understanding. Those who work with amethyst know that its energy can help to amplify Jupiter’s qualities, helping individuals to expand their horizons, increase their knowledge, and connect with the divine.

Neptune is the planet of intuition, creativity, and inspiration. Neptune is known for its connection to the spiritual realm, as well as its ability to tap into the subconscious mind. Those who work with amethyst believe that its energy can help to stimulate the third eye chakra, which is associated with intuition and spiritual awareness. This can help individuals to connect with their inner wisdom, unlock their creativity, and tap into their inspiration.

Sacred Geometry and Numerology

Amethyst is associated with the sacred geometry of the hexagon, which is a six-sided polygon that is found in many natural formations, such as snowflakes and honeycombs. The hexagon represents balance and harmony, as it is a shape that is both stable and symmetrical. Those who work with amethyst often incorporate hexagonal shapes into their spiritual practice, such as by using hexagonal crystals or meditating on the image of a hexagon. By doing so, they align themselves with the balanced and harmonious energy of this shape, and connect with nature and the universe.

In numerology, amethyst is associated with the number 3, which represents creativity, self-expression, and growth. This number is often associated with the power of manifestation and the ability to bring ideas and dreams into reality. 

By meditating on the number or using three amethyst crystals in a grid. By doing so, they seek to tap into the creative energy of the number 3, and to manifest their dream lives.

Uses in Daily Life

Amethyst can be used in a variety of ways in daily life to bring in balance and harmony in your life and home. It can be worn as jewellery, placed in a pocket or purse, or used as a decorative element in the home. Amethysts calming energy makes it a popular choice for meditation and relaxation practices. Some of the best and simplest meditation techniques follow.

Uses and Meditations with Amethyst

Amethyst is widely used in healing and meditation practices, promoting relaxation, reduce anxiety and stress, and enhance intuition and psychic abilities. It can be placed on the third eye or crown chakra to promote spiritual growth and awareness. 

It is a popular tool for meditation, as it can help quiet the mind and promote a deeper sense of connection to the divine. 

There are many ways to meditate with amethyst, and the best approach will depend on your personal preferences. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1 – Hold the crystal in your hand: 

One simple way to meditate with amethyst is to hold the crystal in your hand as you sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Allow your breath to become slow and steady focusing your attention on the crystal in your hand. As you breathe in, imagine that you are drawing in the soothing energy of the amethyst. As you breathe out, imagine that you are releasing any tension or stress from your body and mind.

2 – Place the crystal on your third eye or crown chakra: 

You can also meditate with amethyst by placing it on your third eye or crown chakra. Lie down in a comfortable position and place the crystal on the appropriate chakra. Close your eyes and focus your attention on the sensation of the crystal on your skin. Allow your breath to become slow and steady and imagine that you are drawing in the soothing energy of the amethyst. As you exhale, imagine that you are releasing any tension or stress from your body and mind.

3 – Create a crystal grid: 

Another option is to create a crystal grid using amethyst and other crystals. To do this, choose a quiet and comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed. Place the amethyst at the centre of the grid and surround it with other crystals that resonate with your intention. Sit or lie down near the grid and allow yourself to relax into a meditative state. As you focus your attention on the crystals, imagine that their energy is flowing into your body, promoting healing, relaxation, and spiritual growth.

4 – Wear amethyst jewellery: 

Finally, you can also meditate with amethyst by wearing it as jewellery. Choose a piece of amethyst jewellery that resonates with you and wear it during your meditation practice. As you focus your attention on your breath and the sensations in your body, allow the soothing energy of the amethyst to flow into your awareness, promoting relaxation, healing, and spiritual growth.

Clearing and Care of your Amethyst

Your amethyst, whether big or small, can be cleared with running water or saltwater. The power of solar and lunar energies does wonders as well as smudging with sage or Palo Santo.

Amethyst is a beautiful and powerful crystal that has been valued for its healing properties for centuries. Its calming energy and spiritual benefits make it a popular choice for those seeking balance and harmony in their daily lives. Whether you choose to wear it as jewellery, used in meditation, or placed in the home, amethyst is a versatile and beneficial tool for anyone exploring the power of the metaphysical world.