(please note names have been changed for confidentiality reasons)

Jane came to see me with Symphis Pubis (Groin Pain) from being 34 weeks pregnant.  She also discussed whilst she was with me, the concern she had around giving birth for the first time and how she was going to heal after the birth.

Having not treated Jane throughout her pregnancy, because we had not met until now (referred from a friend of mine), I was unable to gauge totally Jane’s emotional state or how she had coped with pregnancy up to this stage.  We discussed her pregnancy in some detail and how she had been feeling & coping throughout the pregnancy and we put together a labour and post labour support plan using homeopathic remedies.

We initially treated the Symphis Pubis  – I prescribed Belladonna/Ruter & Aesculus Hippoastanium 200c in combination, which helped Jane to still, be able to get around in less pain.
The Pregnancy/Labour/Post Labour Homeopathic kit was put together especially for Jane and included the following: –
Narayani calming mix prescribed for the stress and anxiety around giving birth, and also because Jane was moving house at the time.  So two stressful life experiences in one go.  It was hard to determine which was giving the most anxiety and stress for Jane at the time of visiting.

Jane was also finding if hard to sleep so I prescribed the Narayani Sleep Mix also with the calming mix at night.

After discussion with Jane it was clear she wanted to prepare the cervix for birth, giving her the best chance of a natural water birth, so I prescribed Caulophyillium 30c daily in preparation for labour and prescribed this from 37 weeks.

We then went on to discuss the type of birth Jane was hoping for and how she felt she would respond and cope with giving birth.

She was concerned about having constipation after birth and so I prescribed Bellis 30c 1-2 x daily if this was to occur.

She said she wanted a natural labour as much as she possibly could and she said she had been attending Hypno birthing classes and had a CD.

Jane went  on to say that, she didn’t think she would want to be touched when she was in labour (which may be a problem when it came to being examined) so I prescribed Sepia 30c.

She informed me that she can be stubborn and said there could be a fair chance that she would be very stubborn in labour – so I prescribed Belladonna 200c.

We discussed the possible scenarios during labour and Jane decided on the ones that would be most troublesome for her, if they were to arise which were as follows:-

Exhaustion in labour – Prescribed Kali Phos 200c and the Flower Essence Macrocarpa.

Overdue baby/Delayed Labour – Prescribed Pulsatilla in a 30c and a 200c.

Slow labour or a labour that stopped – Prescribed Caulophyllum/Cimic/Secale in a combination at 200c.

Too much gas and air (Jane was concerned this could slow labour down) – Prescribed Sundew Flower Essences

Healing after Labour/Birth – Arnica/Calendula/Hypericum 30c 2-3 x daily.

Emergency Essence was prescribed for Dad to be.  This was given for dad, as he would be prescribing the remedies if needed whilst Jane was in labour.

Obviously, there are pregnancy/birth homeopathic remedy kits available, but I offer a tailor made service for your worries and concerns. These can be taken with your homeopathic birthing kit.

Jane’s email to me after birth

I had acupuncture the day before my son was born.  If feel that with the remedies helped to induce my labour and my son  was born one day after his due date.

The birth was relatively stress free.  I managed to give birth in the birthing pool and only had the tens machine on prior to this.  I had to stay on all fours, as this was the best position for me throughout labour.  The only remedy I needed to take ,was for the placenta as it didn’t want to come out. I took pulsatilla and it did the trick.  The Arnica/Calendula and Hypericum 30c combination was amazing for the healing after giving birth and I would highly recommend taking this after labour.  It was also lovely to have the other remedies to hand, in case I needed them.  I would definitely take them with me next time.  Thank you for all your help and support Michelle.

Coming in 2007 to Holistic Health with Michelle – I will be running Pregnancy/Birth groups to discuss the Homeopathic Remedy Kit for Birthing in more detail and will also be offering 1 to 1 sessions with me sharing my knowledge on how to support your partner through birth with homeopathy and reflexology.
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