For Confidentiality Reasons names have been changed.

Joe came to see me at the age of 8 months.  He was suffering with Reflux & Vomiting without any crying prior to the vomiting.  He cried at night as if he was in pain.  Joe’s mother explained that it is now affecting the whole family as they are not able to go out to eat in restaurants or socialise with friends due to Joe vomiting about 20 times a day.  Joe would not only vomit food but also breast milk and formula milk.  He could vomit straight after being fed or a couple of hours after being fed.  Joe’s mother stated that he could also suffer with projectile vomiting after eating.  She was also feeling very tired due to Joe crying at night as if he was in pain.  The doctor had prescribed Infant Gaviscon which didn’t seem to do very little to ease Joe’s symptoms according to Joe’s mother.  This had all started right from birth.

I prescribed Aethusa to be given 10 minutes before each milk feed and any food.

After taken Aethusa for a month Joe’s mother reported that the vomiting had greatly improved and that he had gone a whole 4 days without vomiting milk or food.  Joe’s mother was amazed and very happy with the progress we had made in just 4 weeks as this had never happened since Joe was born.  Although the Aethusa was working I increased the potency  to see if we could reduce the sickness further.

At Joe’s next follow up appointment Joe’s mother advised me that the sickness had totally stopped and they had even been out for dinner in a restaurant.  She advised me that Joe had red patches of eczema on his arms and legs and he was screaming at night and would stop once someone picked him up but he would scream again once he was put down again.  He had becoming more clingy with his family members especially mum.

I prescribed a combination remedy for Joe this month with Pulsatilla for clinginess enabling Joe to settle himself when waking in the night.  Calc Carb was given for the dry skin and some cradle cap that he still had and Ornithogallum as an organ support for the stomach to strength and support it further.

Over the next few months of follow up appointments Joe began to settle at night and was less clingy.  His stomach continued to be healthy with no more episodes of vomiting food or milk.  His eczema cleared up.


Joe’s Mum’s Review.

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Michelle at Holistic Health for all her help for my little boy Joe. Joe suffered with quite bad reflex from birth. He has also had eczema and poor sleeping patterns associated with both. Since he was about 6 months, Michelle has been treating Joe with a range of remedies for all of this and more “baby stuff” – teeth, conjunctivitis, the lot! Since seeing Michelle, Joe’s reflex improved very quickly and his eczema is – touch wood – currently non-existent. I would recommend Michelle to anyone – she is professional, talented and – perhaps most important – genuinely caring. Thanks Michelle – from me and our happy little man! xx

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